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Change the Food System with Grow Local


BY Alex Fehrenbach The farmers who helped bring sustainable food production to the Fox Valley are growing, and they need your help! They have launched a Kickstarter campaign to bolster their fundraising efforts, which will aid in bringing even more fresh, and nutritious produce directly to you, the consumer, from Milwaukee to Madison to Neenah and Door County. Contributors to ... Read More »

Denier-gate: What Exxon Knew and When They Knew It


BY Will Stahl In November 2009 the media world was roiled by the news that hackers had gotten into the e-mails of climate scientists at the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom. Right-wing media outlets and commentators crowed that here was the smoking gun that proved global warming was a hoax promulgated by a conspiracy. In fact only ... Read More »

Cavern Beat Channels the Beatles


BY Will Stahl If you’re old enough to remember the JFK assassination, you can certainly remember the first arrival of the Beatles in the United States. They were like nothing ever seen here before and their appearance was one of the first signs of the sea change in American culture we think of as the Sixties. Though we had seen ... Read More »

Bats, Continued


By Will Stahl Last month I wrote about the first appearance in Wisconsin bats of “white-nose syndrome.” Most of you have probably heard about this disease, a highly contagious fungus that attacks bats as they winter over in their hibernacula––usually caves or mines––where ideally they remain in a state of torpor until spring when insect food again becomes available. The ... Read More »

Bats in the Spotlight


BY Will Stahl Bats and I go back a ways. The first one I ever saw washed up dead on the shore of the lake I lived on. No more than ten, I saw at once what it must be with its matted, furry body and translucent wings. It was creepy and fascinating all at once. In later years I ... Read More »

The Wolf Wars Resume


BY Will Stahl In the past I have been hesitant to write about the Wisconsin wolf issue, obscured as it was by too much smoke and heat and not nearly enough light. Besides, the law seemed settled in place; we were having a wolf hunt no matter what I or anyone else might think. But a recent court decision relisting ... Read More »

A Lawsuit with a Message


BY Will Stahl Last week two parallel news stories caught my attention. The more widely disseminated reported that 2014 was the warmest year globally since temperatures have been measured by instruments and recorded. In the United States, that means since 1880. The other story was of Governor Walker and his new attorney general Brad Schimel joining a lawsuit against the ... Read More »

The Transfer of Transit and Other Nefarious Ideas


BY Will Stahl A few weeks before the election I attended the statewide Sierra Club Autumn Assembly. One of the speaker’s topic was Wisconsin transportation issues. He mentioned the referendum on the proposed constitutional amendment, which would segregate the transportation budget from the general fund. It’s going to pass he told us: it sounds too reasonable to keep money from ... Read More »

A Bad Idea That Won’t Go Away

Will Stahl

BY WILL STAHL Only two decades ago an unprecedented threat brought about an unprecedented law. The proposed Crandon mine rallied citizens across the state against the project that would have been an underground mine in search of copper, zinc and gold. The digging itself would have been little visible from the surface, but the accumulated waste rock and tailings would ... Read More »

Seeing Something Really Green


By Will Stahl In the back of my closet, I have an old USGS topographic map made from a 1950 survey. It’s one of the old 1: 62,000 type, very small scale, but it’s interesting because it shows at that time, the City of Neenah ended at Cecil Street. A few houses tail off down the road we call Congress ... Read More »

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