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January Rocks, Swings, Begins Anew


BY George Halas While The Inquisition is known for hard-hitting, objective, fact-based – not to mention fair and balanced – news analysis, there have been one or two occasions where unabashed enthusiasm has somehow found its way into the mix. This is potentially one of those times…. One of the best things about January is the annual appearance at Waverly ... Read More »

Jeff Hamilton Talks about the New Violent Femmes Album

Jeff Hamilton at Village Recorders tracking session with Violent Femmes

BY Blaine Schultz This March Milwaukee multi-instrumentalist Jeff Hamilton marks 11 years playing with the Violent Femmes in venues all over the world.  His resume also includes playing with Beatallica, the Probers, True Heart Susie, and the US Band.  At his Hamtone Audio studio he has produced and engineered countless sessions in his 25 years of operation. In March, the ... Read More »

The Tactile Textile Art of Carole Frocillo


BY Sherri Thomas For generations, textiles have been used to make utilitarian goods, but artists like Carole Frocillo use fabric to create fine art. Instead of choosing a tube of paint, she chooses fabric based on color and texture. These pieces are melded together to create an image, and for Frocillo, to tell a story. Basically self-taught, Frocillo started traditional ... Read More »

Bushwhacked by Humility


It’s the little things that make life such a big deal. -Pat MacDonald BY John Price-Kabhir, The Buddhist Advisor Something highly unexpected happened to me recently: In the midst of trying to “assert myself,” I found my attitude in a shambles, my peace of mind smoldering, and my sense of purpose floating away with the ashes in the wind. While ... Read More »

A Television Debate in 1860


BY Tony Palmeri So far the Republicans have had four nationally televised presidential primary debates, and the Democrats two. Republican debates become competitions to see who can make the wackiest comment of the evening, while Democrats recite a litany of progressive ideas everyone knows they will never really fight for. Moderators play a prominent role; CNBC’s probing questions at GOP ... Read More »

Double Bubble


By George Halas There are scientific studies that indicate that those two words generate Pavlovian smiles on the faces of many in Wisco. Loyal Inquisitors may recall that we have added a new dimension to that term, building on the notion that buying local in terms of holiday shopping is a very good thing for all concerned. How it works: ... Read More »

Merry Christmas


BY ROHN W. BISHOP This December’s column represents my second anniversary writing for the Scene, and what started as a local column in the Fond du Lac edition has grown to become a regularly published column in all five editions and is posted online monthly. To all of you who read “Rohn’s Rants” every month I sincerely thank you! And ... Read More »

The Velvet Underground – The Complete Matrix Tapes

By Doug Yule Courtesy of Sal Mercuri

BY Blaine Schultz Back in September, when word leaked out that Loaded, the Velvet Underground’s fourth and final studio album was getting the deluxe reissue treatment. I emailed a record company contact to get the lowdown. But I forgot that Loaded was released on a different label than the previous three albums. My contact Todd reminded me of this but ... Read More »

“Nick of Time”


BY Dobie Maxwell One of the last remaining celebrities of my childhood has died, and it hurts. I am in mourning. Growing up in Milwaukee in the 1970’s, “All Star Wrestling,” was a weekly local TV institution that had ratings higher than any other program with the possible exception of anything related to bowling and/or polka music. It was part ... Read More »

Merry Christmas from WiFEE & the HUZzBAND


BY Larry Kay If you’ve already had your fill of “Santa Claus is Coming To Town,” “White Christmas” and the never ending cavalcade of holiday music that becomes virtually inescapable this time of year, take heart - WiFEE and the HUZz BAND are poised to release a new Christmas song that’s sure to vault to the top of your personal holiday hit ... Read More »

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