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We Shall Overcome the Media


By Tony Palmeri   July 2nd marks the 50th anniversary of president Lyndon Johnson’s signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (CRA). The individual most responsible for getting the act through the US Senate was Everett Dirksen, a conservative Republican from Illinois. When asked why he took up the cause of civil rights, the eloquent, deep voiced Dirksen quoted ... Read More »

Summer Delights for Wisconsinites


By Lee Reiherzer   Summer has finally arrived in Wisconsin. It’s the time of year when we reach for beers that are lighter in body and brighter in flavor. That needn’t mean resorting to insipid light lagers with temperature-sensitive labels that change colors when the beer is frigid enough to be palatable. Small breweries across Wisconsin are creating a wide ... Read More »

Butterflies May Be Free But They Need Our Help


By Will Stahl When I was growing up in northern Illinois, monarch butterflies seemed to be everywhere in the summer, and they were the first butterfly species whose name I learned. At that time milkweed––necessary for the nourishment of monarch caterpillars––commonly grew in vacant lots and ditches. We kids would succumb to the temptation to see that strange milk-white sap ... Read More »

Going Back to the 1960s for Some Good Clean Fun


By Donna Fischer It’s time for a little 1960s throwback in the way of an exuberant musical called, “Suds.” This comical soap opera will light up the Jane Bergstrom Fine Arts Educational Center at St. Mary Central in Neenah June 19th through the 21st.   The musical comes your way thanks to the talent and hard work of American Soapbox ... Read More »

I Was in There Once


By D. Bob Sauer Any self-respecting arts and entertainment publication worth its salt and pepper has, within its pages, a meaningful, objective, and unbiased food critic. The SCENE is truly blessed to have the lovely and talented Alysa assume that important role with her Restaurants and Pubs column in the Food and Drink section. For those three or four readers ... Read More »

Street Music Week


By Audrey Hendrickson June 9-13 will mark Appleton’s second annual Street Music Week, an event that fills College Avenue with music and entertainment to benefit Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin (FAEW). Each day of the week, performers of all types and stripes will busk and collect donations between noon-1 PM. Event organizer Audrey Hendrickson believes the variety of entertainment is one ... Read More »

In (Not so) Plain Sight


By Richard Ostrum Being a fellow who likes to pass himself off as a purveyor of the critical breaking down of most things cinematic, I figured it was about time to swing some attention over to a fine collection of a wide variety of kindred souls. We’re talking text here, a book named Hidden Horror (Kitley’s Krypt) is a right ... Read More »

Voter Identification


By Robert E. Meyer Only a few years ago, I never imagined anyone would be opposed to verifying the identity of voters, or that the issue could be so heavily politicized. I would think that any reasonable person should be interested in upholding and improving the integrity of the voting process. So much for being naive. Typically, the politicization of ... Read More »

Déjà Vu Martini Lounge: Fit For 007 Himself


By Alysa Levi-D’Ancona If you’re seeing double, it’s not because you’ve had one too many martinis! You might’ve passed Déjà Vu Martini Lounge on your way down the Ave, but while the lounge has all the Great Gatsby pizzazz of an earlier era, the entertainment is way ahead of its time. Déjà Vu thrives entirely by revisiting the old with ... Read More »

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