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Chocolate Gone Too Far?


By Cassondra Temmer “Death by Chocolate” is just what it sounds like, everything related to chocolate all at once. And who doesn’t like chocolate? This is a great opportunity for anyone from the area or beyond to taste and sample it in many different forms in many different places. One of the participating business owners came up with this idea ... Read More »

Walk Across Lake Winnebago 2014: The Big ‘Bago Theory


By Stacy Frakes When: February 1, 2014 Are you kidding me? How deep is the water? Can you see the other shore? Just a few of the questions that come out of mouths of virgin “Walk Across Lake Winnebago” participants. No, we are not kidding. Yes, the water is deep. Only some of the time can you see the other ... Read More »

Extreme Trivia and Tradition: Lawrence University’s Great Midwest Trivia Contest


By Hillary Armstrong It is that time of year again, when the cold of January in Wisconsin has all of us huddled indoors looking for entertainment. Well, fire up your computers, make sure the routers and modems are all functioning properly, and prepare for Lawrence University’s annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest, a 50-hour salute to all things insignificant and arcane! ... Read More »

Remembering Ray


By Blaine Schultz  Country music legend Ray Price died December 15, 2013, at age 87.  In August of 2008, he appeared at the Oneida Main Casino Lounge.  Below is a column I wrote back then in advance of Price’s appearance, recounting an earlier run-in with the legend. Price was perhaps the most legendary artist Phil Doran booked to a local ... Read More »

Brain Drain


By D. Bob Sauer At least three times a week I meet with my court-appointed mental health care professional. Every time we get together I jokingly call him “the rapist,” and every time, he sternly reminds me that “therapist” is one word. After we, every time, get through that monotonously moronic exchange, I’m required to spill my guts on a ... Read More »

Taking a Dream and Making it a Reality


By Cassondra Temmer  When thinking of opening your own business, you don’t think of all the small details that go into it, such as coming up with the idea, the name, the location, all the things that you take for granted when you get food from your local restaurant, diner, or deli. You don’t think about all the time and ... Read More »

Boxkar – Spreading the Word on Wisconsin Original Music


By Kay Halbrook  Boxkar’s fully loaded rock sound isn’t a happy accident. It might be easy to start a band, but it takes talent, smarts and lots of hard work to keep growing as a musical group for more than 10 years. Talking with Chris Szebeni, you get the impression that those years have taught him lessons that he is ... Read More »

The Chandalier Club


Kathy Peotter has never quite seen eye-to-eye with the notion of the status quo. She is an entrepreneur whose business experience includes stints within the hospitality, marketing, real estate and service industries, among others. Over the past two-plus decades, the Darboy, Wisconsin, native has always striven—regardless of venture—to go above and beyond the expectations of each customer to create, ultimately, ... Read More »

Disparate Perceptions


By Richard Ostrum Within the confines of the film Bullet Collector, teen angst is a strange and violently crooked world unto itself. A curious, ultra-indie effort bred in Mother Russia (native title ‘Sobiratel pul’), this film marks a flawed, yet highly noteworthy feature debut for Alexander Vartanov, following stints toiling in and around television and stage productions. This director has openly ... Read More »

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