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Guitar for Hire: The Return of Scott Dercks


By George Halas One of the recurring themes of The Inquisition is that Fox Cities Inquisitors (FCI) have a myriad of entertainment choices in a rich and varied musical environment, particularly when it comes to jazz. The rich environment got a little richer recently when guitarist and Appleton native Scott Dercks returned home after a successful and productive 20-year stint ... Read More »

What Is This New Pope Really Saying?


BY ROBERT E. MEYER A big pre-Christmas news story was that Roman Catholic leader Pope Francis was named TIME Magazine’s “Person of the Year.” That happening requires an interpretation. In my estimation, it is  an ominous sign for cultural trends. While I’m happy that the Pope was selected over entertainers such as Miley Cyrus, the very fact that Cyrus was ... Read More »

Ski the Bridgie!


By Jaclyn Brandt No one said Wisconsinites aren’t innovative. And so in Neenah, where snow covers the ground for months of the year, locals have taken to turning their summer playgrounds to winter uses. The Bridgewood Golf Course turns into a winter destination when they transition their grounds into a cross-country skiing course in the months where golfing is nearly ... Read More »

Expanding Healthcare: The right thing to do


By Rep. Penny Bernard Schaber Between the time I write this column and the time you read it, one of the most important milestones in the long saga of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will have passed. On January 1, insurance plans purchased from the health care exchanges will begin their coverage. For many Americans who have been locked out ... Read More »

Keeping Our Eyes on Doe


By Gavin Schmitt Last month, this column attempted to offer a simplified “who’s who” in the unfolding John Doe investigation of campaign finance violations surrounding the 2012 recall elections. If you have not read that column, I suggest tracking down a copy and perhaps even cutting it out for future reference. The story is far from over, and with our ... Read More »

Winter Sports Are Happening in the Fox Cities


By Brad Fischer The tundra of Northeastern Wisconsin may now be frozen and snow-covered, but that doesn’t stop the hearty souls of the Fox Cities from getting out and experiencing all that Wisconsin winters have to offer. Whether you’re interested in participating in competitive or recreational winter sports or if you just like to watch, you’ll be able to find ... Read More »

Wrong Made Right (The Best of It in the End)


By Richard Ostrum Time to put this 2013 thing to rest with a few supplementary observations on some film bits that I failed to give proper attention to during the preceding 11 episodes of this column. We start with a sensationally odd little tale called Wrong about a distraught young man who suddenly and inexplicably finds himself without his best ... Read More »

Mammary Lane


By D. Bob Sauer To simply state that I am lactose tolerant would be to udderly understate the level of my condition. A more accurate description would be to say that I am lactose indulgent. I proudly belong to a class of higher vertebrates, namely mammals, which means that as a youngster I was nourished with milk secreted through mammary ... Read More »

Local Music: A Jazzy Win-Win

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By George Halas The holiday season is upon us. The Inquisition wishes to extend glad tidings to all and peace on Earth to men of good will. This holiday sentiment is shared by almost all, but Bill O’Reilly’s message is: “Call it Christmas, or, well, let’s just say Santa knows where your children live.” The season has many traditions. While ... Read More »

Game of the Month: Rune Factory 4

December Live From Japan 1

By James Page High up in the sky a lone figure races towards the far away land of Selphia. He accelerates his airship due to the urgency of the mission he has chosen to undertake. He must deliver a vital package to the divine protector of a peaceful land. However, danger lurks in the shadows as a couple of soldiers ... Read More »

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