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Prime Rib Roast and Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Prime Rib 008

By Davies Wakefield When my wife and I first got married, we spent the first two years of our married life eating spaghetti, chili and peanut butter sandwiches while we worked horrendous hours trying to save up enough money to buy a house. I worked as a welder at a truck trailer manufacturing company, working 12 hour days and 10 ... Read More »

Wisconsin Brewing Company

exterior sunset 6

By Jaclyn Brandt Craft beer is all the craze these days, and everyone seems to think they can make their own. Those that stand the test of time are the ones who have it in their blood. Carl Nolen, Mark Nolen and Kirby Nelson, the owners of Wisconsin Brewing Company, decided to start their own brewery after spending a combined ... Read More »

Norman Rockwell’s Historic Holiday Visions


By Brad Fischer Everyone’s heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, but when Norman Rockwell picked up a paintbrush, he created entire stories locked within a moment of time. We can all relate to a picture of a young man who, still wearing his coat, a suitcase in his hand and wrapped Christmas presents tucked under ... Read More »

Abner Who? …and Subsequently: What? Where? When? How? and Why?

AW promo pic2

By Alisa Levi-D’Ancona Abner Who? No really, that’s the name of one of the Fox Valley’s very own bands that’s breaking out into the music industry big leagues. If the “Who?” part is still tripping you up, fear not; I’m here to explain. They might’ve slipped under your radar, since they currently reside in L.A., but Abner Who? is comprised ... Read More »

The Making of a Book Festival


By Brian Kepetsky When we began planning the 2014 Fox Cities Book Festival back in June, we knew we wanted to do a better job a number of areas. One area in particular was communication. We want people to be aware of the book festival, the authors, and who will be where and when. We also think it is beneficial ... Read More »

A Quiet Campus Does Not Mean the Learning Stops

Thirteen Lawrence University students and four faculty members will be traveling to China during the holiday recess as part of the college's “Sustainable China: Integrating Culture, Conservation and Commerce” initiative. In 2012, students participated in a walking tour of Hong Kong's Central District with Bernard Chan, chair of the Hong Kong Council for Sustainable Development.

By Hilary Armstrong While the Lawrence University campus may appear to the casual observer to be quiet and mostly deserted in December, much learning is still taking place and some on quite distant shores.  The Lawrence students have a holiday recess that takes them from Thanksgiving until after the New Year, but not all of them are heading home for ... Read More »

Century Oaks Assisted Living

Happy retired man at the hospital speaking with a young nurse

By Jaclyn Brandt The baby boom of the 1940s and 1950s created a whole new generation of modern thinkers and doers. But now that the generation is aging, both the government and private groups are discussing the future of care. In Wisconsin, the three main options for care include an adult family home, residential care apartment complexes or community based ... Read More »

Sit Me Down With A Book


By Cassondra Temmer Bookstores bring comfort to me. This is where my heart belongs. They have couches for relaxation, Coffee to warm and awaken the soul The music, soft but there its delicate And opens up people in ways they don’t Understand.   Then the books, The one special thing to me. Something so small that gets me every time. ... Read More »

On Velvet and Beyond

Velvet Underground_Universal1

By Blaine Schultz ’ll be your mirror, reflect what you are in case you don’t know.” Lou Reed, who died October 27, wrote those lyrics early in his career with the Velvet Underground.  For better or worse, in many ways he lived them. To many listeners the Velvets’ four studio and two live albums set the standard for intelligent rock ... Read More »

Exploring Neenah’s Hidden Gem

A variety of paperweights at the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass. Photo by Todd Moen

By Sherry Misener Neatly tucked into the corner of Park and Wisconsin avenues across from Riverside Park stands Neenah’s hidden gem: the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass. While the museum is located on city-owned property, the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass is operated by a private foundation who cares for the glass collections, funds museum operations, and maintains the building. Thanks to ... Read More »

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