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Wifee & The HuzzBand Lotta Fun and Great Music


BY George Halas The Inquisition is constantly mesmerized by the fact that The Universe will go to the ends of the earth to create great music. Halfway across the country anyway…. Our story starts in sunny southern California, the birthplace of Ruby James. No one knew back then she would one day be Kitty CoopDeVille. Meanwhile, back in the Fox ... Read More »

Songs of Eternal Love & Immediate Satisfaction


BY George Halas The great multi-instrumentalist and thought leader Dennis Jones once opined that Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go would have been a hit in any decade of the Twentieth Century. Likewise, Songs of Eternal Love and Immediate Satisfaction is a record that combines and ultimately transcends genres; one can’t help liking it for a bunch of reasons. ... Read More »

I Am Happy Even When Hiding from Myself


BY John Price - Kabhir, the Buddhist Adviser Readers of this column might perceive me as dark and negative. If you feel that way, it’s because my deepest soul-baring thoughts juxtapose the pain of coming to grips with truth while inhabiting this human being. But truly, although deepest truths are elusive and painful to confront, doing so is a courageous ... Read More »

Divided We Stand, United We Fall

Tony Palmeri

BY Tony Palmeri The night Scott Walker officially announced his presidential candidacy, I had a dream (nightmare?) I was watching his inaugural address on Fox News in January of 2017. In the dream Walker became the first incoming president to ride a Harley in the inaugural parade. Below are his remarks as they were spoken in my dream: Chief Justice ... Read More »

THE BELLE WEATHER: An Interview with a Hurricane


by Jean Detjen Hurricanes are unpredictable. The sensory experience unleashed is full and complete when in the presence of such a magnificent force of nature. Such is the case when in the midst of a performance from original indie rock band The Belle Weather from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Band members Eric Cox (vocals, guitars, ukulele) and Tom Abromaitis (upright bass) exude ... Read More »

Iconoclastic Sunblind Lion still Rocks!


BY Michael Casper In late 1967, five high school lads from Plymouth and Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, came together to form a group known as the Love Society. The members included Dave Steffen, guitar; Keith Abler, vocals; Steve Gilles, bass; Mike Holdridge, keyboards; and Mike Dellger, drums. “To back up a bit,” Mike Dellger said “Dave and I were in our ... Read More »

Austin Lucas: A Man, His Guitar, & His Dog


BY Jean Detjen Recently told by another Austin Lucas that he was a “disgrace to the name” for some unknown reason, Country/Folk singer-songwriter Austin Lucas isn’t quite sure if he’s been mixed up with a different Austin Lucas. Perhaps confused with the Christian woman preacher, the baseball player, the gay porn star or maybe the white supremacist? It’s a mystery, ... Read More »

Mile of Music Pick: Dead Horses Local folksters return as trio, and stronger than ever


BY George Halas With the release of their sophomore album “Space and Time” last October, Dead Horses commanded the ears and full attention of roots music fans across the Midwest. From newspaper covers and heavy radio airplay, to headlining gigs, it seemed like the band of twenty-somethings from Oshkosh had finally broken through that invisible but stifling label of “local ... Read More »

Dead Horses Return As Trio Stronger Than Ever


<pBY George Halas In going to the ends of the earth to find the best music, The Mile of Music Festival has not overlooked the Fox Cities. One of the highlights of this year’s festival will be the appearance of Oshkosh-based Dead Horses, a young acoustic band with a cultivated folk sensibility well beyond their years whose sound is equally ... Read More »

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