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America the (Diversely) Beautiful


By Dennis Riley Coca Cola is not normally thought of as a company that sets people’s teeth on edge with bold or provocative commercials.  But Coke’s February 2 Super Bowl ad seemed to have teeth on edge, noses out of joint, and knickers in a twist, all at once.  It is hard to know if frenetic activity on Twitter and ... Read More »

Can Your Conscience Make You Green?


By Laura Rowe What motivates people to want to take positive action toward saving the environment? Is it out of individual guilt or fear, watching an inspirational film, hope for future generations, or could it be something else? That’s one question Mark Ferguson, PhD, is trying to answer. A common method for motivating people to improve the natural environment is ... Read More »

Point Bock Run – March 1st 2014


The mission of the race is to promote an affordable, well-managed race. The race directors have run many races over the years, and adopted the philosophy of “a run for runners, managed by runners”. From their experiences they took the positive and established the Bock Run. The objective was never profit generation, and any profits are returned to the sport ... Read More »

Mickey Crowe – The Legend


By Michael Casper Growing up, I remember the tales of this incredible basketball player named Mickey Crowe. I was in junior high and had only caught glimpses of him through brief local TV sports highlights, but I knew I liked him because he had everything I wanted. The ball handling skills of a Harlem Globetrotter, a jump shot that he’d ... Read More »

The Bikram Yoga Experience


By Danna Scheider Bikram yoga is a specific style of yoga founded by Bikram Choudhury. Otherwise known as “hot yoga”, Bikram yoga, named after it’s founder, is fairly advanced yoga moves done in a one hundred and five degree room with humidity at fifty percent, so you will most definitely be sopping wet when leaving. The origin of this type ... Read More »

Love is in the Air: Monteverdi Master Chorale Sweetheart Cabaret


Valentine’s Day weekend has just one more option for the celebration of love with the Monteverdi Chorale performance at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Convention Center in Stevens Point. The annual pops dinner concert will feature pop, jazz, Broadway and more performed by the Chorale. Happy hour and silent auction are included, and the entrée choices for dinner are a ... Read More »

The Positive Power of Student Leadership: Tom Thibodeau summarizes theory in local lecture


Robert K Greenleaf, in 1970, developed a theory that defined the motivation of a leader as being of service to others. Now, Thomas A. Thibodeau, Director of Viterbo University’s Master’s Degree in Servant Leadership will give a lecture at the Howard Johnson Inn & Conference Center. As much as the term “Servant Leader” appears hypocritical, Greenleaf purposefully named his theory ... Read More »

What does food consumption have to do with my sleep?


By Glenda Sparling Fast food! Too much food! The type of food! Food sensitivities! Eating too late! They all have one thing in common – eating the wrong food (and beverage), too much food or too late at night can wreak havoc with your sleep. Did you have any idea that just changing your diet could really improve your sleep? ... Read More »

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