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John Brandel’s De-Fermented Mind


By Michael Casper In college John Brandel majored in microbiology, so maybe that’s where his interest in all things fermented was borne. Maybe. More likely it began in the early 80’s when he and his four best buddies began visiting craft breweries which, at the time, were something very few even knew existed. He’s written and self-published a chronicle of ... Read More »

Ommegang Brewery & Liefman’s Brewery Rosetta – Fruit Ale


BY Steve Lonsway This months’ feature beer is a beer we recently started offering in the Stone Arch Tap Room. It is our first imported beer which is a bit outside our box. It’s called Rosetta, a fruit ale that was aged on cherries. By style definition it is a traditional Belgian Kriek beer. Brewed in Belgium by Liefman’s Brewery ... Read More »

Eric Ambel: The Swiss Army Knife of Roots Rock


By Blaine Schultz If Eric Ambel’s name does not ring a bell, consider that since 1981 he has toured and made records with the likes of Joan Jett and Steve Earle. Yes, Ambel has been a Blackheart and a Duke. He has been a member of the Del-Lords and the Yayhoos (with Georgia Satellite Dan Baird). His mentors as a ... Read More »

A Taste of Something for Everyone


Ever wanted to take a sneak peak into some of the most unique homes in your neighborhood? The 2016 Neenah-Menasha Emergency Society Kitchen Tour, sponsored by FNB Fox Valley, gives you a chance to tour five amazing homes in the Neenah area, plus enjoy tastings, demonstrations, prizes and raffles. And it’s all for a good cause – helping those in ... Read More »

Dave Steffen is called to the WAMI Hall


By Michael Casper Growing up in Plymouth, Wisconsin in 1951, there wasn’t a lot a 6 year old could do to occupy his time. When Dave Steffen and his family moved to the Crystal Lake area, he says he was a loner who liked to run away from school at recess. “I was pretty much out of the main stream,” ... Read More »

Foxy Finds


By Jean Detjen, Artful Living The perfect bracelet for renegades, romantics and visionaries! Crafted from custom and vintage guitar picks, gemstones and fine metals, Electric Picks modern jewelry is all about a rock n’ roll attitude. Each dream-inspired bracelet is intricately crafted to aspire to be as timeless as music - and you! Pick up your own at Azure in ... Read More »

Ross Catterton: The WAMI’S & Beyond


By George Halas In addition to the latest and greatest on fabulous music, artists and venues, the myriad of beneficial services The Inquisition provides includes preparation for one-upmanship. Savvy Inquisitors know that one-upmanship is a vital skill for water coolers, break rooms, family gatherings and anywhere pitchers of beer are served. Historical examples of one-upmanship include phrases like “I saw ... Read More »

The Evolution of Rob Anthony

Photo by Luciano J Bilotti

By Jillian Dawson If you happen to follow Rob Anthony on social media, you have likely seen a handful of old ‘throwback’ photos ripe with quintessential 80’s hair, bleached out down his back with a clean-shaven face. “I started playing electric guitar in the 80’s,” Anthony said “a far cry from where I am now. I learned to play guitar ... Read More »

Willy Porter & Carmen Nickerson at the Jensen Theater in Amherst


By Michael Casper Willy Porter is an extraordinary songsmith in the folk / bluesy vein, whose lyrics weave tales you follow as if on a pleasant walk. Native to Milwaukee, he thinks himself a ‘musical carny’ singing his soulful collection on stages around the world, pausing between tunes long enough to tell stories and improvise ditties. He and Carmen Nickerson ... Read More »

Ebony and Avery


BY Tony Palmeri Like large numbers of Netflix subscribers, I binge watched Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos’ “Making a Murderer.” Before watching the series, my knowledge of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey was similar to most Wisconsinites: I knew that Avery spent 18 years in jail for a crime the Innocence Project proved he did not commit, got released with ... Read More »

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