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BY Paul Rosenfeldt Dolly was in trouble. She lay in agony on her kitchen table. Less than five feet tall and all of ninety pounds herself, the child she bore was enormous and her labor was not progressing as it should. Today, she might have been given prostaglandin to promote dilation. But this was 1915. The doctor chose forceps to ... Read More »

The South Shore Chorale’s MESSIAH


BY Michael Casper 45 years ago The South Shore Chorale began as what was then, the Fond du Lac Oratorio Chorus under the direction of Ray Wifler who put a group together to perform a portion of Mendelssohn’s “Elijah.”   John Bauerlein then directed the group for a couple of years before Alan Lemery took the podium for next 32 ... Read More »

High School Christmas Concerts


Andrea Pannier enjoyed piano and guitar lessons when she was in grade school, and decided to join the band while attending Plymouth High under the direction of band director, Jason Sebranek. She then went on to UW-Oshkosh to pursue her degree in music education under the direction of Dr. Rob McWilliams. Upon graduating from Oshkosh, she took the job at ... Read More »

Straight to the HEART at the Riverside


BY Jane Spietz WHAT: Heart WHERE: Riverside Theater, Milwaukee WHEN: Monday, December 7, 2015 COST: Tickets: $85, $70, $60, $50 INFO: | Sisters, Ann and Nancy Wilson led the iconic rock ‘n roll group Heart to success in the ‘70s, at a time when female artists were not readily welcomed into the music scene. Heart flew up the ... Read More »

Janet Planet’s Bob Dylan Big Band Album


BY George Halas At least one knowledgeable reviewer considers the 2010 release, “Janet Planet Sings The Bob Dylan Songbook, Vol. 1” to be an important and significant – as well as a very good – album, but it was largely overlooked by the critics. December will see the release of the follow-up, “Janet Planet: Just Like a Woman,” featuring big ... Read More »

Christmases Past


BY Michael Mentzer I never know when it will happen…I simply know that it will. There have been plenty of times, I confess, that I told myself I didn’t care as much about Christmas as I once did…that it was not as meaningful or emotional or uplifting as it was 10 years ago, or 25 or 50. I’ll drive from ... Read More »

A Taste For It


BY Jamie Lee Rake There are fancier East Indian restaurants in Milwaukee. Hey, there are ritzier ones in the Fox River Valley. But any homier than, or singular as Bombay Sweets? Doubtful. Lest you insist on omnivorous dining, that the menu is strictly vegetarian proves to be incidental at best. At least it has for me. ‘Hearty and flavorful,’ as ... Read More »

“Lucked Out”


BY Dobie Maxwell People ask me quite frequently - really, they do - if ‘Mr. Lucky’ is a made up gimmick I came up with for the stage. Ha! Don’t I wish? It’s a joke. I know everyone has things go haywire in life from time to time, but for reasons I have never been able to decipher I have ... Read More »

Marlin McKay’s “The Look” Deserves a Listen


BY George Halas Marlin McKay has performed at three of the last four Fox Jazz Festivals. He has more than earned his growing number of fans in the Fox Cities with his extraordinary playing, whether it be paying homage to a hard bop legend like Horace Silver or presenting his own compositions. McKay has relished in nation and international acclaim, ... Read More »

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