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Misadventures in Online Dating


By Nick Olig With Valentine’s Day falling on a Friday this year, work and life’s other drudgeries are less likely to interfere with romantic dinners, smooching, heavy petting, a little bit of the “horizontal wink-wink,” a hasty reexamination of Position #128 in this month’s copy of Cosmopolitan by the lady while her man chugs a liter of Gatorade, and the ... Read More »

…I’m Just Sayin’


Welcome to February! It’s the month of Love, and that means you MAY become engaged. Although, based on recent findings I have come across, that also means you MAY find yourself at a crossroads, at least from a relationship standpoint. One study claims men are 25% more likely to have more pain during a break up than women. I posed ... Read More »

Birds of Our Winter…


By Michael Mentzer There’s a storm on the way as I write this, the Weather Service insists. It remains to be seen if that’s the case. There was a time when winter storms would simply happen. And people would simply weather them. Today, there is way too much worry, doom and gloom associated with every snowfall over 4 inches, and ... Read More »

Ledger Musicians Deliver Singing Valentine Telegrams


That difficult question invades our minds every year about this time, “What will I get for my sweetheart for Valentine’s Day?” Consider your search over! Give your sweetheart or loved one a memorable, heart-warming live serenade on the spot with a unique singing telegram! For the third year in a row the talented vocal jazz and choir students of St ... Read More »

Fresh from Monterey Jazz Fest


Davina and the Vagabonds return to THELMA To box Davina and the Vagabonds into one style of music – blues, Gospel or soul - would be a disservice to this truly original band. Lead by the unforgettable Davina Sowers on vocals, her voice and stage presence defy any category. She has been compared to Etta James, Janis Joplin and Amy ... Read More »

Maia Flore’s Photography Viscerally Stimulates


By Michael Casper If you’re like me, when you take in this 25 year old’s exhibition at the THELMA, you’ll be spellbound, curious, mystified, delighted, and more than likely visually bemused. Maia Flore is from the south of France. Toulouse to be exact. She has a delightful command of the english language, slightly broken, and pleasantly muted. Strange as it ... Read More »

Spice Up Your Relationship in the Month of “Love”


Romantic Psychology Expert Rachel Van Dyken has the secret! SCENE: I don’t recall Romantic Psychology being an available major in college... Rachel: (Laugh), I majored in psychology in Idaho, I was a psychosocial rehabilitation school counsellor for 6 years, I worked for the state, and I write romance novels. It’s a combination of everything I’ve been doing for the past ... Read More »

Willy Porter in Cedarburg and Green Lake


By Michael Casper Willy Porter is an extraordinary songsmith in the folk / bluesy vein whose lyrics weave tales you follow like on a pleasant walk. Native to Milwaukee, he thinks himself a ‘musical carny’ singing his soulful collection on stages around the world, pausing between tunes long enough to tell stories and improvise ditties. Willy: My folks were fairly ... Read More »



By Karl Stewart The day began as had thousands before, either a bright sun in a blue sky or grey clouds and rain. But still, it began. And the world would never be the same. The farmer walking to his fields, the housewife sweeping the front porch, the children playing in the yard, and the young scholar trudging off to ... Read More »

Black Voters and the Republican Party


By Rohn W. Bishop February is Black History Month, and 2014 marks 50 years since the historic passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, so it seemed to me the perfect time to write about a topic I feel deeply passionate about: why more African Americans should be voting Republican. Over the last 50 years the Democratic Party has created ... Read More »

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