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Tricia’s Table


Mom’s Waldorf-Astoria Red Velvet Cake For years mom made me a red velvet cake which I begged for each year on my birthday. She made it using the original recipe supposedly from the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel that included a butter cream frosting instead of the now-traditional cream cheese frosting. This is my attempt to duplicate her recipe…. Ingredients for cake: ½ ... Read More »

Fond du Lac as a regional arts destination? Outrageous!


By Kevin Miller Since THELMA’S grand re-opening celebration last September, Fond du Lac’s downtown arts center has never been busier. Thousands of people have enjoyed the concerts, art exhibits, gatherings and special events, and the free tours. I have enjoyed the wide-eyed stares and exclamations of “I can’t believe this is in Fond du Lac!” We’ve only been open a ... Read More »



By Scherryl Antoniadis Like most people, I employ many of the communication methods that technology has now put at our fingertips; E-mail, Facebook and texting, to name just a few. But while I certainly appreciate the convenience these tools provide, I am beginning to worry that our increasing reliance on the shorthand that they have spawned (i.e., OMG, LOL, BTW) ... Read More »

Cardinal Skippers Jumped in New York City


By Michael Casper Cecilia Krolczyk teaches at Parkside Grade School and is one of the coaches for the Cardinal Skippers rope jumping team. Two of the 27 team members were lucky enough to be singled out to travel to New York City, and jump with the other 200 skippers from around the nation in the Thanksgiving Day Macy Parade. “The ... Read More »

The Glass


By John M. Silah There is an old question, posed by those who want to know if you are an optimist or a pessimist. The question is: “Is the glass half empty, or is it half full?” If you say it’s half empty, they say you are a pessimist. If you say it’s half full, you’re an optimist. I have ... Read More »

Chef Sanford D’Amato’s Life On A Low Simmer


By Michael Casper Sanford “Sandy” D’Amato is a native of Milwaukee who grew up on the lower east side in the apartment above his father and grandfather’s grocery store “D’Amato’s,” the same spot that would one day (1989) become the location of his notable restaurant “Sanford.” His book, “Good Stock: Life on a Low Simmer” is both memoir and cookbook, ... Read More »

“Murph Man” – Never Forgotten


By Michael Mentzer We would have celebrated Murphy’s 15th birthday or his 105th—take your pick—on Jan. 4. It all depended on whether we were celebrating in human terms or dog years. A year in human terms equates to seven in a dog’s life, just in case you’ve never heard that formula before. But Murph never made it that far. His ... Read More »

Tweets from the Future


By Nick Olig When I read that Amazon was designing delivery drones, I immediately pictured the robotic flying things one day shooting death-rays at innocent people. I got rattled by that level of technology in the works. Was that just me? Now, I realize there’s got to be a sensible reality somewhere between death-rays in the sky and the notion ... Read More »

Art Words


By Mary Wehner Favorite Poems Like many of my poet friends I have a file of favorite poems by famous and not-so-famous poets. I get these poems from various sources. A good poet-friend David Graham from Ripon College sends a poem he selects every day or so, and another poet from Door County, Ralph Murre, posts poems of regional poets ... Read More »

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