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Empty Bowls Raises Nearly $10,000 for Area Food Pantries


The Leadership Fond du Lac Alumni Group and Fond du Lac community members give back in a huge way! Nearly $10,000 was raised in support of area food pantries thanks to attendees, donors and sponsors of the 2013 Empty Bowls Fundraiser. The event was held at the Retlaw Plaza Hotel, and brought over 500 community members together in support of ... Read More »

Local woman creates “hat-wig” combo to help others in spite of own health problems


By Dorothy Bliskey Gail Renderman, a Fond du Lac-based author and inspirational speaker, is bringing joy to people in new ways. She has created a combination hat and wig that she labeled “CAPDIVATING CREATIONS.” Gail’s heartwarming hats are making lives easier for those who end up losing their hair due to cancer and other illnesses. Take, for example, her mother-in-law, ... Read More »

Rohn’s Rants: You were warned…


By Rohn W. Bishop Shortly before ramming ObamaCare through the congress, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi infamously said, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it.” For more than three years Republicans of all stripes (conservative, liberal, moderate) have been talking about what’s in ObamaCare. The Republican Party’s platform supports repeal of ObamaCare, ... Read More »

Just the Facts in the World Almanac – 2014


By Michael Casper America’s best-selling reference book turns another page, as we do, on another year. It’s first edition was published by The New York World Newspaper just three years after the conclusion of the U.S. Civil War and held 120 pages of information about everything from the era of Reconstruction to the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson. Sarah Janssen ... Read More »

I’m Hear by Liv Anne Lern


Dear Liv, My girlfriend is gorgeous and the lead singer in a popular band. She loves what she does, she’s really good, and I’m very proud of her. The problem I’m having is that I don’t like that guys are always approaching her at the gigs. Some are okay. Some of them just want to tell her how good she ... Read More »

That’s Entertainment!


By Julie Woik When it comes to entertainment, I think the images conjured up in the minds of most are those of taking in the latest must-see movie, grabbing a relaxing dinner with great friends, or stepping out to relish in the sounds of the hottest new band in the region. These are all terrific ways to spend some of ... Read More »

Ripley’s Believe It or Not – “Dares You To Look!”


By Michael Casper There’s a new installment in the long list of books filled with things you’re invited to either believe...or not. Edward Meyer is a walking encyclopedia who has been working for Ripley’s Believe it or Not for 35 years, acquiring more than 20,000 ‘things’ and artifacts, everything from Lee Harvey Oswald’s toe tag, to a two-trunked elephant. Meyer ... Read More »

Looking Ahead to the 2014 Sturgeon Spearing Season: A Truly Unique Sport Entrenched in Tradition


By Ryan Koenigs It’s hard to believe that it’s already January and the 2014 sturgeon spearing season is rapidly approaching. To many around the Lake Winnebago System region, spearers and non-spearers, this sport is as culturally important as deer hunting and anxiously anticipated for months in advance. Representatives from 61 Wisconsin counties, 26 states, and one Canadian Province make up ... Read More »

…I’m Just Sayin’


Thanks for the kind words, e-mails, texts and good-natured ribbing on my last “Just Sayin.” Based on some of the feedback, you actually WERE hoping it was my last one! As Lupe Fiasco said, “The Show (must) Goes On”. OK, he sang it, but it means the same thing. Now that Winter has tightened its grip on the area, the ... Read More »

Bad Boys vs. Good Intentions


By Dobie Maxwell One of the cruelest and most vicious jokes life plays that I fail to find the least bit funny or can ever begin to figure out is why every woman I am even the least bit attracted to likes “bad boys”. I have never been, am not now, nor do I ever see myself being one in ... Read More »

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