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Supper Clubbin’ – with Frank & Stella


Frank: So me and the Mrs. wanted to get an early bird perch fry, and was trying to think where we could go...? Stella: Here it was a Tuesday, middle of the afternoon, so right away we knew it had to be a really early-early a couple days even. Frank: ‘Gosh dang it,’ I thought, Wendt’s up the west ... Read More »

Movies In Minutes: Mike and Melody Highlight the ‘Razzies’


Melody: With the end of the year begins what has become known as award season. Not all awards are held in equal esteem, nor as highly anticipated. In 1980, John J.B. Wilson, a publicist and copywriter, began his own form of award ceremony, celebrating the worst of what we had to endure cinematically throughout the previous year. Mike: The Golden ... Read More »

Tricia’s Table


Here are some cheery holiday recipes that will help make you and your guests jolly! We’ll start with a simple, but tasty appetizer to warm everyone up, and it calls for only six ingredients, and a small or medium size cooker. Hot Cheesy Chicken Dip 2-13 ounce cans of Swanson Chicken breast meat 1-16 ounce jar of salsa ½ packet ... Read More »

Art Words


By Mary Wehner This is a new feature in SCENE that will explore writers, poets, and artists and generally focus on the arts in and around the Fond du Lac Area. This month I will feature The Foot of the Lake Poetry Collective, a group active in the writing community in the city and surrounding area. Poetry; learning how it ... Read More »

Rohn’s Rants: Who Am I? Why Am I Here?


By Rohn W. Bishop Who am I? Why am I here? My favorite moment of the 1992 Presidential Election happened on Oct. 13, 1992. It was during the Vice Presidential Debate between Vice President Dan Quayle, Senator Al Gore, and Admiral James Stockdale. When asked for an opening remark, Admiral Stockdale, the candidate for Vice President on Ross Perot’s independent ... Read More »

Experience the Magic of a Mid-19th Century Christmas at Wade House in Greenbush


Wade House historic site in Greenbush will host “A Wade House Christmas,” a mid-19th-century Christmas celebration, on Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 7-8, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Yankee and German holiday traditions, including period crafts and games for young and old, and horse-drawn wagon rides, will make for a memorable experience. Guests to “A Wade House Christmas” will experience ... Read More »

Packers addiction


By Dobie Maxwell As most of the locals in the neighborhood from my childhood years in Milwaukee would say, “For CRIPE sakes – what is WRONG with dem Gol darn PACKERS?” I have no idea who “Cripe” is, or if He might be the son of “Gol”, but that’s how the good folk from Wisconsin talk without officially swearing. Then, ... Read More »

Movies in Minutes: Mike and Melody’s holiday movie preview


Melody: December is always an exciting month for moviegoers, because studios tend to hold a lot of their best for last, and release an abundance of films before the year’s end so they will be considered for honors during “award season.” Mike: And all genres are represented, save the odd slasher flick...and gratefully there are no maniacal machete wielding Santa ... Read More »

From the wine cave


By Kimberly Fisher As winter months arrive, and their chill fills the air, there is nothing better than a great bottle of wine. Showing gratitude for life’s little treasures and not worrying about the small stuff, like ‘what kind of wine I should have on hand for the Holidays?’ With so many wine choices today, it can be difficult to ... Read More »

I’m Just Saying…


I’m Just Saying... When I was first approached about writing for the Fond du Lac edition of The Scene, I thought “how hard can this be”. I mean, War and Peace was written in what, a weekend? This is going to be a piece of cake. But then voices of the past kept popping up, like Judith Kosted, one of ... Read More »

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