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That band’s all blues


By James Moran The Jimmy’s, Madison’s “Blues Performer of the Year,” and winner of Madison Magazine’s “Best Band in Madison,” will be blowing their horns in Fond du Lac at the Thelma on Friday, December 13th for a 8pm performance that is sure to knock your socks off. Kevin Miller, Executive Director at the Thelma is anticipating The Jimmy’s return. ... Read More »

Michael Brandmeier lyrically paints “Your Christmas Scene”


By Michael Casper Michael Brandmeier writes songs. Many of them you’ve heard on TV, but probably didn’t know it. Think of any show, from “Dawson’s Creek,” to “Tosh O.” to “The Hills,” to “The Voice,” and oodles in between. Think of a scene, any scene...that needs its characters to move from one moment to another without words, and music swells ... Read More »

“108 Rock Star Guitars” will rock your coffee table


By Michael Casper Some time ago east coast photographer Lisa Johnson had an idea for a book that conveyed a new angle to appreciating the art that rock musicians create, by celebrating the art form on which, and from which their art emanates; their guitars. MC: 17 years in the making...when you took that first photograph with Les Paul, what ... Read More »

Doing the WRITE Thing


By Julie Woik Over the past couple of months I’ve spent a good bit of time thinking about an article that would truly inspire readers. The subject line and what it should entail became crystal clear after a recent encounter with a beautiful young child who so explicitly expressed her love of writing. It was in that moment I decided ... Read More »

I’m hear – Liv Anne Learn


Dear Liv, How do I tell my best friend to quit complaining while we work out? I simply can’t take another day! Fit and Frustrated Well Sista, There’s a couple of ways you can handle this. If it’s convenient, just try switching your workout schedule. If that’s not an option, you’ll need to consider what we refer to as Plan ... Read More »

What’s the good word?


By Scherryl Antoniadis With another holiday season upon us, I am reminded of a very memorable Christmas past when I was a ‘tween of 11 or 12. It began, as was our ritual, with my older brother and me spending countless days poring over the Sears & Roebuck catalog (or “wish book” as our mother called it) to create our ... Read More »

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