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Game of Thrones Stimulus Package


BY NICK OLIG The new year brought with it subzero temperatures and a temptation to binge-watch popular shows I’d never seen. A friend’s recommendation guided me to Game of Thrones. By the end of the first episode, with so much potential for episodic drama rife with good, evil, sex, and violence, I gazed out the window, saw two polar bears ... Read More »

Mortal Phases


BY Richard Ostrom This month I am going to devote some quality time toward a surprisingly good modern day take on one of the oldest school fractions of the monster movie sub-genre. Said film, calling itself ‘Late Phases’ (with the subtitle, ‘Night of the Lone Wolf’ on the cover art but nowhere in the film) and hailing from the good ... Read More »

Artful Living


By Jean Detjen Fox Cities/Central Wisconsin independent business owners: A side-feature of my new ‘Artful Living’ column in Scene Newspaper will be all about fashion and objects d’art. My personally selected ‘Foxy Finds’ will be featured monthly, starting with the April issue. I’m on the hunt for unique, artful creations for body and work/living spaces that excite the senses. Clothing, ... Read More »

Bats in the Spotlight


BY Will Stahl Bats and I go back a ways. The first one I ever saw washed up dead on the shore of the lake I lived on. No more than ten, I saw at once what it must be with its matted, furry body and translucent wings. It was creepy and fascinating all at once. In later years I ... Read More »

From the Wine Cave


BY KIMBERLY FISHER Ahh, finally we are starting to see signs of spring. The snow has melted, the grass is starting to green, and the warmer weather brings out the best in us. Shake that cabin fever and get ready for your next leg of wine exploration. Let’s talk about the three basic white grapes, but this time with a ... Read More »

Giving Baby Chicks for Easter – Please Don’t


BY Tricia Derge Has a relative of yours ever had the bright idea of giving live baby chicks as an Easter gift? Spring is the season when some Bozo’s purchase “baby chicks” for their backyard poultry flocks or to give as Easter gifts, but one Oregon public health expert advises caution around these cute, fuzzy birds. The problem: Baby poultry ... Read More »

Spring Gardening Tips


By Rob Zimmer The snow has melted and the birds have returned and now, in just a few short weeks, it will be time to begin a new growing season here in Wisconsin. Take the opportunity this spring to try something new in your yard and garden, experimenting with new ways to grow. Think outside the box when growing your ... Read More »

Highlights from


If you missed the three, day three screen extravaganza that was the 2015 Green Bay Film Festival, we’d like to apologize. It was a heck of a show, and it’s not always easy to track down these indie films if you aren’t around for their comet-like first pass. For those who missed out, or simply didn’t have the time to ... Read More »

Finally! The Cadbury Creme Burger!


You’ll have to travel some to find it, but at long last a bistro has created an edible “Heaven on Earth.” A west London restaurant has dreamed up an Easter-inspired burger topped with a melted down Creme Egg. The Creme egg burgers, being served at the K West Hotel & Spa, in Shepherds Bush, are made with a sweet brioche ... Read More »

Second City: A Great Place to Start

Top: John Sabine, Casey Whitaker, Blair Beeken
Bottom: Kelsey Kinney, Jamison Webb, Jasbir Singh

Second City is well known as the starting place for a startling number of TV personalities and comedic legends. So when they bring The Best of Second City to the Weidner Center on April 16, you can be assured that isn’t an empty boast. Casey Whitaker was available to tell us just what we can expect from the upcoming showing. ... Read More »

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