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Ross Catterton: The WAMI’S & Beyond


By George Halas In addition to the latest and greatest on fabulous music, artists and venues, the myriad of beneficial services The Inquisition provides includes preparation for one-upmanship. Savvy Inquisitors know that one-upmanship is a vital skill for water coolers, break rooms, family gatherings and anywhere pitchers of beer are served. Historical examples of one-upmanship include phrases like “I saw ... Read More »

The Evolution of Rob Anthony

Photo by Luciano J Bilotti

By Jillian Dawson If you happen to follow Rob Anthony on social media, you have likely seen a handful of old ‘throwback’ photos ripe with quintessential 80’s hair, bleached out down his back with a clean-shaven face. “I started playing electric guitar in the 80’s,” Anthony said “a far cry from where I am now. I learned to play guitar ... Read More »

Willy Porter & Carmen Nickerson at the Jensen Theater in Amherst


By Michael Casper Willy Porter is an extraordinary songsmith in the folk / bluesy vein, whose lyrics weave tales you follow as if on a pleasant walk. Native to Milwaukee, he thinks himself a ‘musical carny’ singing his soulful collection on stages around the world, pausing between tunes long enough to tell stories and improvise ditties. He and Carmen Nickerson ... Read More »

Ebony and Avery


BY Tony Palmeri Like large numbers of Netflix subscribers, I binge watched Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos’ “Making a Murderer.” Before watching the series, my knowledge of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey was similar to most Wisconsinites: I knew that Avery spent 18 years in jail for a crime the Innocence Project proved he did not commit, got released with ... Read More »

Advocacy Journalism at its Finest


BY Robert Meyer Several years ago while waiting in a doctor’s office, a man asked if I wanted to read the newspaper he had. I told him I was only interested in the editorial section. At that point he said, “Well in that case you’ll be wanting the whole paper.” He had made a point that I had difficulty disagreeing ... Read More »

What if Trump wins GOP Nomination?


BY ROHN W. BISHOP In 1860 the Democrat Party split over the issue of slavery, and the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Dred Scott Decision. At their convention, looking to unite behind a candidate, Democrats looked to Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois, who was seen as a moderate on the issue of slavery, as a consensus candidate. This didn’t sit ... Read More »

VIC, STEVIE: Together Again for the First Time


BY George Halas They have two of the most recognizable names in Fox Cities’ music. In addition to his many concert appearances and his recorded work, singer Stevie March-Torme is well-known for his afternoon radio show on 91.1 The Avenue. According to their legion of fans, Vic Ferrari is the best rock band in Wisconsin. Drawing from the title of ... Read More »



BY George Halas While The Inquisition reports regularly on good music at good venues, often with no cover, there are occasions when the music is not only good, it’s good for ya! For example, on Wednesday, March 2nd, one of the Fox Cities’ best vocalists, Gwen Carr, will perform her one-woman show, “Relentless,” for the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Women’s ... Read More »

Oshkosh will go Green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Party Returns on March 19


The Schedule: 1:00 Tent Party (547 N Main) opens 2:00 PARADE (Main Street, Ceape to Irving) 3:00 Richard’s School of Irish Dance 3:45 Children’s Reddest Hair and Freckled Face Contests 4:00 Irish Band The Roving Scallywags 7:00 Irish Band Whiskey of the Damned BY Michael Casper The St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Tent Party will return to downtown Oshkosh on ... Read More »

ROCKONSIN Youth Garage Bands Rocking Wisconsin


In the past 11 years, over 600 statewide garage bands, of all musical genres, have competed in the statewide garage band competition presented by Dennis Graham Associates and the Wisconsin School Music Association. Graham’s 12th season of offering a stage to young statewide garage bands in 7th – 12th grades will take on a new name, ROCKONSIN, in association with ... Read More »

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