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Marilyn Zelke-Windau


CURATED BY ERIN HEILING Washday Tent Time   White sheets flapped the cotton line stretched from house to garage. Breezy, the summer day invited fourth grade girls to the backyard. Lemonade in one hand, a brownie in the other, bent arms clutched the latest Little House books. They were prepared.   “Let’s camp out!” one cried. “In the middle of ... Read More »

Forever Homes Are The First Step

The Purple Pride Parade. Why purple? Purple is the color of compassion and kindness.  It is also the color of the OAHS logo. Show pride in your love and support of animals by attending this fun-for-the-whole-family event! Photos courtesy of Cheryl Rosenthal of the OAHS

BY DALE DEVRIES Many of us at the Scene are proud “forever-home-ers.” We’ve adopted a fantastic member of the family from the Humane Society. We felt good about the money we gave them and we think “well… I did my part” and we don’t think about it again. However, so much more goes into the well-being of these pets far ... Read More »

A Massive Choir Concert

Local artist Leif Larson completes a life art painting at the Spring 2014 Oshkosh Music Artist Series, which was live auctioned off for $205.the Fall 2013 Oshkosh Music Artist Series.

By Justin Mitchell You know the old rule: when you are going to have a choir concert, you ought to go massive.  Well, maybe you didn’t know that, but the Oshkosh Music Artist Series is fully vested in it for the November 15, 2014 choir concert at Beckets City Center Atrium. The fifth concert organized by the Oshkosh Music Artist ... Read More »

Wisconsin’s Sterling Reputation


By TONY PALMER In mid-August the town of Ferguson, Missouri erupted in protest after a police officer killed an unarmed African-American teen. A troubling legacy of the so-called “War on Terror” is the militarization of local police forces, so law enforcement officials responded to the protest by treating Ferguson like Fallujah. Even journalists on the scene from establishment sources like ... Read More »

The 3rd Annual Bill Van Lieshout Tennis Classic at Oshkosh North High School, July 11-13.


BY JUSTIN MITCHELL The third annual Bill Van Lieshout Tennis Classic (BVLTC) took place July 11-13, 2014 in Oshkosh.  This adult charity doubles tournament honored Bill’s legacy and raised more than $6000 to maintain the Bill Van Lieshout Tennis Center at Oshkosh North High School. Bill coached at Oshkosh North High School for more than 20 years.  During his career, ... Read More »

Fit Oshkosh


By Janine Wright Here are some statistics: Oshkosh population 2000: 92% White, 8% total minority1 Oshkosh population 2010: 88.9% White, 11.1% total minority Oshkosh Area School District 2005-2006: 86.3% White, 13.7% total minority2 Oshkosh Area School District 2013-2014: 81.4% White, 18.6% total minority Be honest. How did reading those statistics make you feel? If you are like most people, you ... Read More »

Visions of a Future Society


By Erin Heiling The uniquely beautiful work of Lucy Glendinning will soon be on exhibit in the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s Allen Priebe Gallery. Her show will include eight sculptures, some from her feather child series, and a collection of ink drawings. Hailing from Somerset, England, the artist will visit Oshkosh to discuss her work at an opening reception on ... Read More »

The World of Oshkosh Tennis


By Justin Mitchell When YMCA Tennis Program Director Robert Henshaw says that he’s excited about what is happening in the world of Oshkosh tennis, he is on to something.  There is a lot happening in this community that signals a sort of resurgence of the sport, from facilities modernization to new programs and newfound successes. The city has begun an ... Read More »

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