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Right Wing Nut


BY Robert Meyer Several editorial works have appeared recently, once again addressing the give and take of global warming/climate change concerns. Few of us have the specialized knowledge necessary to make absolute pronouncements on this topic, yet all of us have a right, or even an obligation, to philosophically cross-examine the arguments presented for rational consistency. The most arresting observation ... Read More »

Life Is Fair


BY Dobie Maxwell Try as I might, as life goes on I just can’t shake my intense fascination with all things freakish. I am obviously not alone, or run of the mill human parasites with no particular identifiable set of marketable skills or talents like Jerry Springer or Maury Povich wouldn’t have been able to rake in more than a ... Read More »

Game of the Month: Splatoon


By James Page Developer: Nintendo ESRB: Everyone 10+ Release Date: 05/29/2015 System: Wii U Rating: Graphics: 3.5 out of 4.0 Game Play: 3.5 out of 4.0 Personal: 2.0 out of 2.0 Total Score: 9.0 out of 10.0 Player’s Page: Splatoon Are the summer blues starting to set in? Do the normal activities such as baseball, swimming, and riding bike seem ... Read More »

Barrel Aged Bigfoot Ale


Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Chico, CA & Asheville, NC BY Steve Lonsway When we were first presented the opportunity to write beer articles, my mind immediately went to the many (and I mean MANY) wonderful beers I have had from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. The problem is I think people would get bored reading about them every single month. So ... Read More »

Rockwell at the Trout

Home from the War

BY Will Stahl As a five – seven year-old child in a very small town in northern Illinois, my mother sent me, when shaggy, to a barber shop no more than a hundred yards from our home. It was the real old-fashioned kind with big windows, seats around the walls for waiting (appointments were unknown), the smell of hair tonic ... Read More »

COOL WATERS BAND Heats Things Up with Feverish Fervor


By Jean Detjen Fox Cities-based Cool Waters Band (CWB) is known for consistently channeling good time rock and roll energy with seamlessly smooth musicianship. A tight-knit group infused with roots influences and a groovy vibe, CWB knows how to deliver full on fun with practiced finesse. Reunited after a hiatus, this charismatic, crowd-pleasing band exudes a confident energy with undeniable ... Read More »

Take a Journey Without a Map, Flâneur Style


BY Jean Detjen | Artful Living Have you ever wandered aimlessly while on vacation somewhere? How about in your own city? Personally, I love the idea of being an adventurer right where I live, exploring hidden crevices, squeezing out sweetness from every corner of life. We all have an accessible playground calling to us in our own backyards. Flâneurs understand ... Read More »

Lawrence Dream Team to Rock Fox Jazz Fest


BY George Halas While it has been Monty Python that provides the on-going inspiration, The Inquisition, like its 15th Century namesake, agrees that confession is good for the soul. It is in that spirit that The Inquisition confesses to and apologizes for recalling the words of Dan Aykroyd and thinking that “Mangled Baby Ducks” sizzles more than “Lawrence Jazz Faculty ... Read More »

DARK FUNK: A Very Good Response & More


BY George Halas Over the past couple of years, it has become apparent to fans of Kyle Megna and The Monsoons, Mile of Music attendees, at least one brilliant music writer and Megna himself that, while the band’s work on previously released, impeccably-produced albums of all-original material is excellent, the Monsoons sound even better live. Megna is both astute and ... Read More »

The London Souls at the Finale of Waterfest 2015


BY Jane Spietz WHAT: The London Souls WHERE: Waterfest, Oshkosh WI WHEN: Thursday, August 27, 2015 - Gates open at 6 PM COST: $10 before 6 PM, $15 before 7 PM, $20 after 7 PM INFO: What better way to end the 30th anniversary of the Waterfest summer concert series than to bring in the raw, explosive talent ... Read More »

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