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Testicle Festival


Twenty five hundred people will journey to Dundas, Wisconsin on Saturday, May 16th for the annual Testicle Festival. That’s right… Testicle Festival, where large numbers of people come to enjoy a true delicacy, deep-fried testicles. According to Linda Fassbender, owner of 2 of a Kind, one of two drinking holes in Dundas, “We skin’em, slice’em, bread’em, and fry’em, and I ... Read More »

Bill Casper’s Iconic Packer Shanty


By Michael Mentzer Bill Casper’s sturgeon shanty may trace its origin to the humblest of beginnings but it is destined for historical greatness. Those who wander the vast expanse of Lake Winnebago’s field of ice during the sturgeon-spearing season each February no doubt know of Casper’s distinctive shanty in the shape, design and hue of a Green Bay Packers helmet. ... Read More »



By George Halas May arrivals are not just for flowers. Hillary Reynolds will be gracing the Fox Cities with a new album and a musical career in full bloom. “In May, I’ll be coming back home for a couple of shows,” she said. “On the 14th, I’ll be opening for The Ballroom Thieves at The Vox Concert Series in Marshfield ... Read More »

Rebel Waltz – Rubber Walls (25th Anniversary Reissue)


By Blaine Schultz Last August over 200 artists performed at over 60 venues in downtown Appleton.  Twenty five years ago Rebel Waltz released their album Rubber Walls, to a small but dedicated following. To quote Lou Reed, “Those were different times.” Think about it.  If you were around three decades ago and wanted to hear cutting edge music in the ... Read More »

Bats, Continued


By Will Stahl Last month I wrote about the first appearance in Wisconsin bats of “white-nose syndrome.” Most of you have probably heard about this disease, a highly contagious fungus that attacks bats as they winter over in their hibernacula––usually caves or mines––where ideally they remain in a state of torpor until spring when insect food again becomes available. The ... Read More »

Bringing Back Bees


By Rob Zimmer Over the past few years, you may be aware of increasingly urgent news regarding the status of the honeybee and native bee populations throughout North America. Numbers of both honeybees, as well as native bees, such as bumblebees and others, have declined seriously in recent years. Many area residents are looking for ways to help. Thankfully, there ... Read More »

The Mystery as Solved is Still a Mystery


By Richard Ostrom With a much trumpeted, late in the game, return to the strange environs of the fabled world of Twin Peaks, Washington at an apparent stand still between chief architect David Lynch and new host network Showtime, I see no better time to pay a quick revisit to the original, legendary series and its most recent home video rebirth. ... Read More »

A Knock at the Door


by John Price - Kabhir, the Buddhist Adviser And who will It be? Will it be a screaming little slimy lump, jerking in uncoordinated manner and beautiful only to the people directly responsible for creating it? People who are just now investing their entire lives in its growth and development? People who immediately look it over carefully for signs of ... Read More »

The Democrats: A History of Shame


By Rohn Bishop In May, we Republicans will gather in La Crosse for our annual convention; which reminds me that back in March I took to social media to commemorate the birthday of the Republican Party. I wrote: “On this date in 1854 a group of abolitionist met in Ripon Wisconsin to form the Republican Party. 11 years later they’re ... Read More »

Sports Journalism Sucks


By Tony Palmeri Mainstream American journalism, as the Media Rants column has been ranting about for more than 12 years, occasionally meets standards of excellence but more typically runs on a spectrum from mediocre to insanely bad. Political journalism is probably the worst of the lot (too often it meets Joseph Goebbels definition of the press as a great keyboard ... Read More »

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