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“Hoosier Hospitality”


By Dennis Riley Judging by the look on his face or the tone in his voice as Indiana Governor Mike Pence tried to fend off some decidedly pointed questions from ABC’s George Stephanopolous that Sunday in late March, you would have thought that the Governor had found himself in the middle of a real firestorm and not just the verbal ... Read More »

The Do-Nothing’s


By Robert Meyer We have heard complaints about the “do nothing congress” for the past several presidential administrations. Indeed, we frequently see that congressional approval numbers flirt with historically low positive rates. This has occurred whether the majority of congress has belonged to democrats or republicans. The American people have often decried the inability of congress to stop the bickering ... Read More »

“Game Off”


By Dobie Maxwell I sadly admitted technology passed me by years ago, but now it’s getting ridiculous. The last straw was broken last week when my neighbor invited me over to sample some of his barbecue –another area in which I lack severely but that’s another tale for another time. One crisis per day. My neighbor has two teenage sons ... Read More »

Live From Japan


By James Page Game of the Month: Double Dragon Neon Developer: WayForward ESRB: Teen Release Date: 09/11/2012 System: PC/PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 Rating: Graphics: 3.0 out of 4.0 Game Play: 3.0 out of 4.0 Personal: 2.0 out of 2.0 Total Score: 8.0 out of 10.0 Player’s Page: Double Dragon Neon Pop in a cassette tape and travel back in time to ... Read More »

Egg Salad is Easy… Right?


By Trish Derge I know it sounds simple, and it actually is...but there are a few tips I’d like to pass along to you on how-to make the best hard-boiled eggs. There are several cooking method variations, but no matter which you use, there are common mistakes you should try to avoid. 1. Using the wrong size pot Don’t try ... Read More »

Shape of Glass DOES Affect Taste!


Seeing is smelling for a camera system developed by scientists in Japan that images ethanol vapor escaping from a wine glass. And, perhaps most importantly, no wine is wasted in the process. Kohji Mitsubayashi, at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University, and colleagues impregnated a mesh with the enzyme alcohol oxidase, which converts low molecular weight alcohols and oxygen into ... Read More »

From the Wine Cave


BY KIMBERLY FISHER May Day… May Day… Next on our journey of investigating the big six, it is time to see what the reds have in store by exploring Cabernet, Pinot Noir and Merlot, this time with another twist. Cabernet Sauvignon is King. It is a grape that ages into subtle splendor, and is a world traveler. When its tiny ... Read More »

Brew Dog Hardcore IPA


BY Steve Lonsway Our beer selection for this month once again came from bottle stock at the Stone Arch Tap Room. It is the first imported beer our team decided to write about and we are all glad we did! Hardcore IPA from Ellon, Scotland based Brew Dog, a release from their “Amplified series”. This time around, our entire brewery ... Read More »

Foxy Finds


By Jean Detjen, Artful Living Musical instrument art series by Erinn Komschlies. Originals & Prints of Erinn’s work are available at The Fine Fox in Downtown Neenah. Full spectrum colors on black backdrop sets a dramatic tone. An Appleton native, Erinn is a naturally talented artist and currently attends St. Olaf College as a music major and plays the clarinet in the St ... Read More »

Finding the Flow


By Amber McCord One day while working in my studio in my third semester of sculpture in undergrad I realized while cutting my one thousandth form of styrofoam for my sculpture that I became aware I was in a complete meditative state. I became addicted to this feeling of being completely unaware of what was going on around me. Time, ... Read More »

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