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Chancellor Wells Looks Back


BY ASHLEY GRUENSTERN University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Chancellor Richard Wells will retire in August 2014 after 14 years at the school, but the impact of           his leadership will continue at the UWO campus and in the Oshkosh community for many years. Wells described the different aspects and dimensions of things that he was responsible for ... Read More »

Life at the Library


By Lisa Voss Public libraries have long been places for self-directed learning. Every day the library assists people who want to learn more about health, travel, hobbies, history, business and hundreds of other topics. Even the digitally savvy often end up at a library reference desk looking for more depth (and accuracy) than a Wikipedia entry offers, or an information ... Read More »

Gay Marriage


By David A. Hayford   Legalization of gay marriage is spreading around the county. In Wisconsin, it struck like a tornado. That analogy is particularly apt, since now we are stuck with the cleanup. That is due solely to the ego and incompetence of Federal Judge Crabb. But first I should describe my evolving views on the subject. I just ... Read More »

The Weekend Starts on Thursday in Oshkosh


By Jeff Potts   It’s July in Wisconsin’s Event City and that means our   calendar of events is so overflowing with activity that I don’t have the time, energy or column space to come up with a clever introduction to this month’s column. So, without further ado, here are some highlights of what’s happening. It’s up to you to ... Read More »

Take a Walk on the Creative Side


BY ERIN HEILING There is excitement in the air, people strolling the sidewalks, and merchants welcoming visitors to shop and view unique displays of artwork. After touring galleries, participants can enjoy dinner and live music at local eatery and nightspot Becket’s, or visit the Grand Opera House for more tunes and tasty beverages. This is not the bright lights and ... Read More »

Warmth of Community Art Project


BY KRIS LARSON Ahh, community. Ours is a great one to be sure. This Event City of ours plays host to many incredible events and supports many amazing causes over the course of every year. Every so often, however, something happens that merges a few things into one. In the business world people call this a win win scenario, but ... Read More »

Event City Getting Ready For A Busy Month


BY JEFF POTTS Event City is back! We’ve waited long enough and finally it’s time to get back to the business of fun as Oshkosh rolls out the red carpet this month for many of the top events that make us a great tourist destination. Let’s start with our museums. First, a giant Event City welcome to the Military Veterans ... Read More »

Waterfest 29


By Jane Spietz The 29th season of Waterfest is upon us at the beautiful Leach Amphitheater.  The Scene recently sat down with Waterfest President Mike Dempsey to talk about the bands, the venue, and all things Waterfest. Jane Spietz: Waterfest 29 will bring another summer packed with great music and we are ready to rock ‘n’ roll! Give us the ... Read More »

We Will Give This World Away


By Justin Mitchell We Will Give This World Away, the second album from Holly & Plastic, will be released on June 20, 2014  at the Oshkosh Masonic Lodge as part of a full line-up of music including Christopher Gold, Mark Steven Hillstrom, Holly&Plastic, Sunday Flood and Self-Evident. Holly & Plastic is the solo project of Oshkosh rock n roll staple ... Read More »

Have Fun and Be a Great Human Being on the Way to Gepstock


By George Halas Undeterred by recent developments, The Inquisition is still predicting several days of 70-plus temperatures between now and September…2016. Faithful Inquisitors know that one of the primary missions of this column is to provide decision-support information that will enable readers to avail themselves of the finest music available in the greater Fox Cities area and maximize the value ... Read More »

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