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Privilege – Part 2


BY JANINE WRIGHT Last month we looked at the word, “privilege”. Like many words in our American English language, the word has taken on a meaning of its own. Privilege is the “thing” that often separates us whether it is abilities, gender, income, education, race, sexual orientation, or any other form of separateness. Privilege is the way that power is ... Read More »

Privilege – Real or Imaginary?


BY JANINE WRIGHT English is a hard language to learn and understand; many words have multiple meanings. Privilege is one of those words. Sometimes it means an honor, such as, “It is a privilege to meet you.” Other times it means having common rights, such as, “It is a privilege to be an American.” Yet, neither of those meanings covers ... Read More »

Considerations for Interethnic/interracial Dating


By Tracey Robertson   This article makes some assumptions about you. It assumes you are not a minority because according to the 2010 Census, 93.6% of the population in Oshkosh is white. It assumes that you are married and have kids 18 years or younger (or will marry and have children in the next 5 years) because the same Census ... Read More »

Myths Versus Truth In Refugee Resettlement


BY JANINE WRIGHT I Imagine waking up one day and your country has turned against you. Imagine continually running for your life – always wondering if your family will be safe. For Zaid Al Samrie, this was reality.  “I helped the American Army when they first came and then had terrorists trying to kill me. I went to Turkey for ... Read More »

Uncommon Ground


BY JANINE WRIGHT For the last two years, this column has been bringing you stories on diverse topics such as race, ethnicity, income disparities, and cultural differences – to name just a few. We’ve also highlighted organizations in the Oshkosh area that have made their mission to help people who are marginalized by prejudice and discrimination.  My hope is that ... Read More »

False Images of the Inner City


By Tracey Robertson I recently watched the movie “Freedom Writers” (2007). In the film, actress Hilary Swank plays a high school teacher who inspires her students by having them write in journals. Hilary Swank is a talented actress, but the movie – like many others with the same formula – does not accurately depict the inner city experience. During several ... Read More »

Diversity Movie and Discussion Events


By Janine Wright Friends are an important part of all of our lives. They help us learn important social skills like sharing and compromise. Friends also can help us expand our horizons by sharing differing customs, heritages, or language. Take a moment to think about your friendships. How many of your friends are of a different culture than you? How ... Read More »

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