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New Year: Same Game?


By Penny Barnard-Schaber Here we are entering the New Year of 2015. January is always an exciting time for me because I am able to look forward to the upcoming year while also taking time to reflect on the past year. January holds many hopes and expectations for all of us. We probably all hope for peace and success in ... Read More »

Labor Day Is More Than Just Another Day Off


By REP. PENNY BERNARD SCHABER This Labor Day, whether we’re throwing our last barbecues of the summer, taking in a parade, or just relaxing at home with our families, it’s is worthwhile to take a moment to consider the hard work and sacrifices of the labor movement and how those sacrifices led to the protections we take for granted today. ... Read More »

Help Proected Our Woods and Waters


By Penny Bernhard-Schaber Summer has come, and with it has come more opportunities to enjoy Wisconsin’s natural heritage, whether you’re fishing, swimming, boating, hiking, or camping. But summer also a good time to reflect on all the hard work that goes into protecting our natural resources so our children and grandchildren have a chance to enjoy them as well. That’s ... Read More »

Bi-partisan Support for Victims of Domestic Violence


By Rep. Penny Bernard-Schaber Based on the stories that get the most attention from the news, it can sometimes seem as though the Legislature is either paralyzed by backbiting or ramming through divisive bills on party line votes. While that description is accurate far more often than I would like, the truth is that there are some issues where both ... Read More »

All Is Not Well with Wells


By Penny Bernard-Schaber Wisconsin’s waters belong to everyone, not just a few. That is the essence of the public trust doctrine, which has been a part of our laws and our Constitution since our territorial days. Unfortunately, recent actions by Gov. Walker and the Republicans in the Legislature have undermined the fair use of our waters for all, especially Lake ... Read More »

Expanding Healthcare: The right thing to do


By Rep. Penny Bernard Schaber Between the time I write this column and the time you read it, one of the most important milestones in the long saga of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will have passed. On January 1, insurance plans purchased from the health care exchanges will begin their coverage. For many Americans who have been locked out ... Read More »

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