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Honoring Our Veterans

Artist Dawn Lakin’s rendering of the the mural.

BY MICHAEL MENTZER November is a daunting month. It embodies cold and dismal days that open the door to winter, but at the same time celebrates military veterans and the joy of giving thanks that warms the heart. A local project that will be unveiled this month at the Fond du La c County James Megellas Veterans Memorial Building on ... Read More »

Frame Presbyterian Church Awards Community Grants


Frame Memorial Presbyterian Church, located at 1300 Main Street in Stevens Point is pleased to announce the 2014 recipients aof their Community Grants. The Frame Mission Committee received a record number of 26 applications from non-profit organizations requesting more than $21,000. Through fund-raisers, church support and especially the Danny Mitchell Music on a Mission Concert, the Frame Mission Committee was ... Read More »

Why You Should Want to Show Your ID

Voters in Iraq in 2005 showed off their purple-stained fingers to prove they had voted in the election.

BY Rohn Bishop It’s a question we get asked often in our daily lives, and it’s a question Republicans want asked at the polls, whereas Democrats don’t want it asked. So why are liberal Democrats so strongly opposed to having to show a photo ID to vote? Is it that Democrats think voting is not nearly as important as driving, ... Read More »

The Courts Giveth, and the Courts Taketh Away


And Sometimes When You Least Expect It, They Giveth It Back BY Dennis Riley J.B. Van Hollen was reelected Attorney General of the state of Wisconsin in 2010. Since the celebration that surrounded that victory, and the “red tide” it was part of, the Attorney General has spent a great deal of his time in federal courts. Most of that ... Read More »

Veteran’s Day and the History of “Taps”

This marine bugler is playing “Taps” during a ceremony at Arlington Cemetery.

By Karen O’Brien Trumpet players will be in demand on Tuesday, November 11, as communities across the country commemorate Veteran’s Day with wreath-laying ceremonies, the posting of colors, speeches, and moments of silence punctuated by the solemn notes of “Taps.” Just twenty-four notes in duration, the haunting melody of “Taps” intones significance and permeates ceremonies with a poignant reminder of ... Read More »

Impediments to an Event City

Tennis Cover Banner

BY Justin Mitchell I have now had the misfortune of enduring the unintuitive and uninviting realm of event organizing where city of Oshkosh tentacles of bureaucracy are present, serving as moving hurdles seemingly intent upon slicing down the efforts of an inconsiderable neighborhood event organizer. I do claim partial responsibility: my expectations for collaboration and partnership with the city were ... Read More »

Campaign 2014’s Biggest Loser: Debate

Tony Palmeri

BY TONY PALMERI Friday night in Wisconsin means fish fry, brandy old fashioned happy hour, family gathering, dinner and a movie, party after a long week of work, high school sports, and just about anything other than potentially depressing political discussion. Even citizens deeply engaged in elections have Friday night lives. So why did the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association (WBA), the ... Read More »

Let Republicans Be Real Republicans

GOP logo

By Robert E. Meyer A dubious editorial pastime these days involves political progressives offering their suggestions about rescuing the Republican Party from extinction. Of course, one might be suspicious about a political opponent offering constructive advice in the first place, but even if it is sincere, it would just be suggestions refracted through a liberal prism. A boilerplate assertion has ... Read More »

GEOtoys Gives Your Children the World


By Will Stahl How many times have you heard that Americans are geographically illiterate? That x% of Americans cannot find Liberia, Iraq, Vietnam, Korea or France on a map? Is there a name for this condition––displacia perhaps? No matter the name, the condition has a cure. It comes under the name GEOtoys, and they can teach you what in the ... Read More »

New Coffee Table Books That Make Great Holiday Gifts


As so much reading moves into digital spaces, coffee table books with their lavish designs and entertaining content remain a perennial staple in any home, say literary experts. “Coffee table books are a window into one’s personal tastes and interests,” says Rachel Kempster, DK Publishing’s director of marketing and publicity. “They also make the perfect holiday gift.” Here are five ... Read More »

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