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Thank you Oshkosh Music Artist Series


Thank you so much for your support of music in our elementary schools. The students are very excited to use the ukulele’s purchased for Oaklawn. The bells at Oakwood needed to be replaced so we now have sets of bells that are contained in cases. (really cool for storing) Webster and Washington Elementary Schools are enjoying their community gathering drum. ... Read More »

Barnes Hecker Disaster: at what price a human tragedy

In the drive and thirst for the bottom line, the decisions that were made weren’t always with high regards to whatever environmental concerns might be raised. And there were operating procedural decisions that were made that, undoubtedly, put miners at risk.

By Paul L. Frazer The second in a three-part series The Barnes Hecker mining disaster was not unlike numerous other tragedies that took place during the mining history of the Lake Superior Iron Mine District, a time, which spanned 170 years. In fact the casualty list is long considering there where hundreds of mishaps where one or more men perished ... Read More »

Privilege – Real or Imaginary?


BY JANINE WRIGHT English is a hard language to learn and understand; many words have multiple meanings. Privilege is one of those words. Sometimes it means an honor, such as, “It is a privilege to meet you.” Other times it means having common rights, such as, “It is a privilege to be an American.” Yet, neither of those meanings covers ... Read More »

‘A Frank’s Christmas at H.C. Prange’s’

A Frank's Christmas

The animatronics of Prange’s return to life this Christmas Opening night Friday, November 21, is a fundraiser for the Neville Public Museum with $10 of every ticket going to the Neville. In addition, Friday, November 28, is a fundraiser for the CP Center with $10 of every paid ticket going to this deserving charity. The Meyer Theatre and Diamonds and ... Read More »

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck…

During hibernation their heart will beat an average of four times a minute, and will inhale once per minute.  In addition, their body
temperature drops down to about 34 degrees.

By Morgan Bongard The Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a new resident. In July of this year, Bobbie, a first-year juvenile woodchuck, was found by animal control, dragging his back legs alongside a grassy field. After an examination, the sanctuary believes that Bobbie had been hit by a car. It was also determined that Bobbie had sustained internal ... Read More »

1,000 New Jobs? Goal May Be Closer Than It Looks


BY Miles Maguire The front-page headline in the Oshkosh Northwestern back in August was dramatic—the new nonprofit organization formed to improve the local business climate, the Greater Oshkosh Economic Development Corp., had set a goal of creating 1,000 jobs over the next three years. When, in early October, Oshkosh Corp. announced that it would be cutting somewhere between 300 and ... Read More »

Campaign 2014’s Biggest Loser: Debate

Mary Burke and Scott Walker

BY TONY PALMERI Friday night in Wisconsin means fish fry, brandy old-fashioned happy hour, family gathering, dinner and a movie, party after a long week of work, high school sports, and just about anything other than potentially depressing political discussion. Even citizens deeply engaged in elections have Friday night lives. So why did the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association (WBA), the establishment ... Read More »

The Erosion of Religious Liberty


By Robert E. Meyer The recent Hobby Lobby SCOTUS decision has brought about a hue and cry resembling a chorus of scorched cats. It becomes almost impossible to exaggerate the hysterical theatrics used to denounce the supposed negative repercussions of this decision. Read More »

Emphasis on Partnerships and Skill Building Leads to High-Paying Jobs in the Fox Valley


By Mike Rohrkaste Economic progress continues here in the Fox Valley, with unemployment now under 5.5 percent and several hundred job openings in the area, but there is more work to do to safeguard our community’s economic future. This prosperity of our state and local community can be achieved through the growth of businesses that create quality jobs and through ... Read More »

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