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Spring into Wellness


By Deborah Adams As we move into a new season, I reflect upon the harsh winter we leave behind; months of freezing temperatures, feet of accumulated snow, and pasty-faced, flu-infested frowns from the lack of sunlight and fresh air. Even for Wisconsinites - it’s been hard! But no matter how long the winter, spring inevitably pushes forward and we begin ... Read More »

All Is Not Well with Wells


By Penny Bernard-Schaber Wisconsin’s waters belong to everyone, not just a few. That is the essence of the public trust doctrine, which has been a part of our laws and our Constitution since our territorial days. Unfortunately, recent actions by Gov. Walker and the Republicans in the Legislature have undermined the fair use of our waters for all, especially Lake ... Read More »

Welcome to March!


By Rohn W. Bishop The month that the sun stays up later, daylight savings time begins and we’ll celebrate the first day of spring!  Soon we’ll have an evening with the temperature near 50 degrees and neighbors will come out of hibernation and say “Hello” to neighbors they haven’t seen since Halloween. Speaking of people we haven’t seen in a ... Read More »

Christianity and Atheism


By Robert E. Meyer Robert Nordlander (hereafter referred to a Mr. N) is well known locally as an atheist who writes letters to the editor (and has been a contributor to this publication), often making rhetorical arguments impugning Christianity. In a recent response to Mr. N’s letter, a friend of Mr. N’s, whom we will refer to hereafter as Mr. R, made ... Read More »

America the (Diversely) Beautiful


By Dennis Riley Coca Cola is not normally thought of as a company that sets people’s teeth on edge with bold or provocative commercials.  But Coke’s February 2 Super Bowl ad seemed to have teeth on edge, noses out of joint, and knickers in a twist, all at once.  It is hard to know if frenetic activity on Twitter and ... Read More »

Can Your Conscience Make You Green?


By Laura Rowe What motivates people to want to take positive action toward saving the environment? Is it out of individual guilt or fear, watching an inspirational film, hope for future generations, or could it be something else? That’s one question Mark Ferguson, PhD, is trying to answer. A common method for motivating people to improve the natural environment is ... Read More »

News and Releases from Around the State


•League of Wisconsin Municipalities: State surplus could help fund $121 million shortfall for municipalities Wisconsin municipalities took a $100 million hit in the 2011-2013 state budget to help resolve the state’s financial difficulties. Almost none of those cuts have been restored. Now, the state anticipates it will have $912 million more in tax revenues at the end of the current budget in June ... Read More »

Mickey Crowe – The Legend


By Michael Casper Growing up, I remember the tales of this incredible basketball player named Mickey Crowe. I was in junior high and had only caught glimpses of him through brief local TV sports highlights, but I knew I liked him because he had everything I wanted. The ball handling skills of a Harlem Globetrotter, a jump shot that he’d ... Read More »

Fear and Stupidity Rule the Day


By Frank McCandless In the fifties, the myth of crazed marijuana smoking teenagers and counterculture jazz playing hooligans seemed like a real threat to Ward and June Cleaver. The threat in the sixties was pot-smoking, draft card burning hippies. By the seventies, the all-knowing elite had enough and began the war on drugs. Nixon initiated the war in 1971 because ... Read More »

Ice Hockey in Green Bay: How do you spell ‘success’?


Second in a two part series of articles about Green Bay Ice Hockey By Paul Frazer There’s an old saying that goes something like this “you can’t drink champagne out of a paper cup, cause if you do, you’ll have a mushy cup and a plastic aftertaste in your mouth.” It’s true, I’ve tried it, and there is one horrific ... Read More »

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