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Bushwhacked by Humility


It’s the little things that make life such a big deal. -Pat MacDonald BY John Price-Kabhir, The Buddhist Advisor Something highly unexpected happened to me recently: In the midst of trying to “assert myself,” I found my attitude in a shambles, my peace of mind smoldering, and my sense of purpose floating away with the ashes in the wind. While ... Read More »

A Television Debate in 1860


BY Tony Palmeri So far the Republicans have had four nationally televised presidential primary debates, and the Democrats two. Republican debates become competitions to see who can make the wackiest comment of the evening, while Democrats recite a litany of progressive ideas everyone knows they will never really fight for. Moderators play a prominent role; CNBC’s probing questions at GOP ... Read More »

Christmas (Shopping) Comes Early


Gallerie of Shoppes offers a way to buy gifts while helping a good cause BY Patrick Mares November 7, the 41st Gallerie of Shoppes arrives at the Lambeau Field Atrium from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thirty vendors from locations outside the Brown County area will offer clothing, home décor, gifts and specialty foods, among many other products. The event ... Read More »

Right Wing Nut


By Robert E. Meyer Several editorial works have appeared recently, once again addressing the give and take of global warming/climate change concerns. Few of us have the specialized knowledge necessary to make absolute pronouncements on this topic, yet all of us have a right, or even an obligation, to philosophically cross-examine the arguments presented for rational consistency. The most arresting ... Read More »

Rush Limbaugh You’re Breaking My Heart


BY ROHN W. BISHOP Mega dittos Rush! Long time listener first time writer! I grew up listening to you on the EIB network, started listening when I was about 13. During study hall at school I would read your books, ‘The Way Things Ought to Be,’ and ‘See, I Told You So,’ a decision that got me strange looks from ... Read More »

The Pope Mystifies Mr. Jones


BY Tony Palmeri Pope Francis’ late September whirlwind tour of the United States put him in the Papal Rock Star category that had been the exclusive domain of Pope John Paul II. Corporate media, conditioned to think of Popes as merely Presidents in groovy outfits, seemed ill equipped to handle Francis’ Jesus-like musings. Surely the media knew what was coming; ... Read More »

Wisconsin’s Vanishing Barns


BY Lori Palmeri A nostalgic pastime this fall might be a road trip along Wisconsin’s rustic highways. Punctuating the pastoral skyline, iconic Wisconsin gambrel roofs on red and white barns, beacons of the distant past, set the stage for picturesque Wisconsin rurality. These barns illustrate a cultural heritage of agriculture in the state, symbolizing dedication and hard work of farmers ... Read More »

Heroes’ Hunt for Wisconsin Game


BY Michael Casper An acquaintance of mine by the name of Jim Zahn, a US Army and Vietnam Veteran who belongs to the Rosendale VFW Post 10195, suggested that since Veteran’s Day is November 11th, I look up a gentleman by the name of Brian Ball. A year ago Brian formed a non-profit to help our war wounded brothers and ... Read More »

25th Annual Fox Valley Take Back the Night


“Run, Susan, Run, can’t you feel it, the evening makes angry demands, take back the night, to walk the streets when we choose, take back the night, and make it safe for everyone to use… ….now out on the street there’s a service, with thousands of candles for light, arm in arm, women are marching, with men, they sing take ... Read More »

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