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What Oshkosh Needs – “Half Empty Or Half Full?” (part 9 of 11)


By Stephen Dedow When I was first asked to contribute to this project I thought that it would be something that would be relatively easy. What does Oshkosh need? What immediately came to mind was more manufacturing jobs, stronger schools, better infrastructure, greater opportunity for downtown development etc. But after thinking about it for a bit, I realized that perhaps ... Read More »

What Oshkosh Needs – “A Need for Pride” (part 8 of 11)


By Sue Panek When I began thinking about sharing my opinion about what Oshkosh needs, immediately my thoughts went to the various problems that NEED to be addressed in our community. In 2011 we conducted a local needs assessment, the LIFE Study, and we learned about a lot of needs. So, I could say, we NEED more volunteers, or we ... Read More »

City Hall ‘Secrets’ Can Be Found in Weekly Newsletter


By Miles Maguire On Monday, Sept. 30, the Oshkosh Northwestern devoted more than half of its front page to what it must have considered a really big story: the news that the city was considering an annual recycling fee. But it wasn’t much of a scoop—the story had been out on the Internet for a week, thanks to a part-time ... Read More »

Time To Get Out The Crystal Ball


By David A. Hayford The gubernatorial election here in Wisconsin is less than a year away. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has begun polling, but more about that later. This is paragraph two. I will start with two easy predictions. First, there will a lot of money spent. The 2010 governor’s race totaled about $37 million, easily a state record. Nearly ... Read More »

The Circus Comes To Town


By Frank McCandless Hear ye! Hear ye! The circus is coming to town! Next year’s production will play out on a grand scale. Concurrently, on three stages, our show presents Goobernatorial 2014 brought to you by the best institutions or forbearers jury-rigged together. The Goobernatorial circus will be exciting, dramatic and bring together some of the best performers yet seen! ... Read More »

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