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Views from Across the State


U.S. Senator Ron Johnson Applauds Governor Walker’s Response to Obamacare’s Debacle “I commend Gov. Walker for acting swiftly and decisively to protect Wisconsinites as the rollout of Obamacare becomes a disaster. “The governor will ask the Legislature for a three-month delay in moving Wisconsinites on BadgerCare into the exchange and a three-month extension of Wisconsin’s high-risk pool.” “The governor is ... Read More »

The 2013 Tony Awards


By Tony Palmeri The 12th (!) annual Tony Awards column for excellence in local media is dedicated to the late Anita Simm. Anita passed away in June at the age of 91. She and her late sister Marcile lived for many years on Parkway Ave. in Oshkosh; we were neighbors and great friends. Part of the friendship was a mutual ... Read More »

What Oshkosh Needs (part 1 of 11)


By Justin Mitchell Last December, the Oshkosh Scene partnered with twelve community partners to assemble a collection of views on what Oshkosh would look like in 2022. We considered it an alternative take on the traditional year in review that often happens around this time of the year. The response we received from the community was tremendous, no doubt due ... Read More »

Diversity Movie and Discussion Events


By Janine Wright Friends are an important part of all of our lives. They help us learn important social skills like sharing and compromise. Friends also can help us expand our horizons by sharing differing customs, heritages, or language. Take a moment to think about your friendships. How many of your friends are of a different culture than you? How ... Read More »

Rocky Roller Coaster Rollout


By Dennis Riley Rocky is probably the kindest word that has been applied to the rollout of the Affordable Care Act during these last two months. The image that comes to my mind is that of a roller coaster, a roller coaster composed of blue cars and red cars. The people in the blue cars are screaming. Their screams sound ... Read More »

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