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Short Takes


BY Tony Palmeri For October let’s have a few short takes on a bunch of important media action that didn’t seem to get much play in the northeast Wisconsin press. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial Board Comes to Life: If you read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, you know that their editorials can usually be placed somewhere between hollow and horrific on ... Read More »



BY Robert Meyer Judicial activism is the outgrowth of a theory of law known as Legal Positivism. It began to take hold after the Civil War when the president of Harvard University, Charles William Eliot, who was an ardent Darwinist, appointed Christopher Columbus Langdell as the first dean of Harvard Law School. Under Langdell’s auspices the theory of evolving rather ... Read More »

Hallow-Ian Raises Money from the Roof


BY Michael Casper One would think that, when it comes to fundraising, there aren’t that many “new tricks” relative to being creative and thinking outside of the box. And you would probably be right. So the question begs, “If a Morning Radio Show host climbs up on a roof, in the challenging weather period known as late October, will anybody ... Read More »

Another Milestone on the Path to Equality


BY Dennis Riley On June 26th the U.S. Supreme Court held that the 14th amendment guarantees of due process and equal protection of the laws meant that no state could ban marriages between members of the same sex, just as it had held almost 50 years earlier that no state could ban marriages between individuals of different races. Reaction was ... Read More »

Remembering 9/11 & Frustration with the Republican Senate


BY ROHN W. BISHOP Every year on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks, we pause to remember what happened to us on that day. It was no different this year, as people felt good about themselves posting photos to Facebook and Twitter of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, while attaching a cute catch phrase like “Never forget” or ... Read More »

A Summer of Old Friends


BY John Price-Kabhir; the Buddhist Adviser I’m not seventy yet, but I’m inching my way. As of two years ago, I became the oldest male in six generations on my father’s side. They all died before age fifty-one, owing to bad hearts. I most definitely thought I’d join that group, but here I am. I thought I’d never reach the ... Read More »

SCENE Editor is UWFDL Distinguished Alum


BY Jim Moran His parents hark back to his not speaking until he was three. “They thought something may be wrong with me,” Michael Casper, the UW-Fond du Lac 2015 Distinguished Alumni recipient said “then suddenly, as they put it, they couldn’t shut me up! There’S a lot of warmth like that in our family (laugh).” Michael grew up watching ... Read More »

Trump NO!


BY ROHN W. BISHOP What the hell are we doing? The Republican Party currently has the best slate of candidates to seek it’s nomination since 1980! We have conservative governors, conservative senators, a business woman, a neurosurgeon, immigrant kids, small town kids, all of whom are true believers to the conservative cause. Yet it’s Donald Trump who’s leading the Republican ... Read More »

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