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Fox’s Frankenstein & the Sandman


BY Tony Palmeri I’ve been following presidential elections closely since 1976 when I was a high school sophomore. As the first post-Watergate national election, the 1976 contest sparked our still intense infatuation with outsider candidates ready to clean up Washington. Affable peanut farmer and former Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter cultivated the outsider persona perfectly against incumbent President Gerald Ford. Ford ... Read More »

Right Wing Nut


BY Bob Meyer As more support for educational vouchers gains ascendancy, the talking points against them become increasingly desperate. The epitome of this trend might well have been expressed by a writer in his recent column in the Appleton Post-Crescent. His assertion is excerpted below. “Voucher schools, also known as taxpayer-supported religious schools, aren’t about improving public education, they are ... Read More »

Open Records


BY Michael Mentzer Sometimes it’s just impossible to let the world go by without saying something. For me, for what it’s worth, this is one those times. The $76 billion state biennial budget has been approved after months of debate, infighting, backstabbing, trickery and deceit. Gov. Scott Walker used his veto pen liberally, signed the document, and then resumed what ... Read More »

Another Milestone on the Path to Equality”


BY Denis Riley On June 26th the U.S. Supreme Court held that the 14th amendment guarantees of due process and equal protection of the laws meant that no state could ban marriages between members of the same sex, just as it had held almost 50 years earlier that no state could ban marriages between individuals of different races. Reaction was ... Read More »

Right Wing Nut


BY Robert Meyer Several editorial works have appeared recently, once again addressing the give and take of global warming/climate change concerns. Few of us have the specialized knowledge necessary to make absolute pronouncements on this topic, yet all of us have a right, or even an obligation, to philosophically cross-examine the arguments presented for rational consistency. The most arresting observation ... Read More »

Feingold’s race to lose


BY ROHN W. BISHOP When I was a kid “Back to the Future” came out, and was an instant 80’s classic. American’s enjoyed the adventures of Marty McFly traveling back in time to 1955, then to 2015-when the Cubs win the World Series- before heading back to 1855, and finally the movie’s end when Marty returns to 1985. What a ... Read More »

I Am Happy Even When Hiding from Myself


BY John Price - Kabhir, the Buddhist Adviser Readers of this column might perceive me as dark and negative. If you feel that way, it’s because my deepest soul-baring thoughts juxtapose the pain of coming to grips with truth while inhabiting this human being. But truly, although deepest truths are elusive and painful to confront, doing so is a courageous ... Read More »

Divided We Stand, United We Fall

Tony Palmeri

BY Tony Palmeri The night Scott Walker officially announced his presidential candidacy, I had a dream (nightmare?) I was watching his inaugural address on Fox News in January of 2017. In the dream Walker became the first incoming president to ride a Harley in the inaugural parade. Below are his remarks as they were spoken in my dream: Chief Justice ... Read More »

Educating for the Public Sphere

Tony Palmeri

BY Tony Palmeri A majority of American adults avoid participation in public discussion of issues. Given that so much of what passes for public discourse is infected with the twin poisons of prepackaged partisan talking points and mindless put downs of opposing views, avoidance behavior should not be surprising. Unfortunately, citizen withdrawal from the public sphere has real consequences. When ... Read More »

Is Multigenerational Housing Needed in Oshkosh for the “Sandwich” Generation?


BY Lori Palmeri As of 2014, over 57 million Americans lived in multigenerational households and the population living in multigenerational housing has doubled since 1980. That’s 18.1% of the population, according to PEW Research Center analysis of U.S. Census data. This arrangement spiked during the 2007 – 2009 Great recession. That number continues to grow even since the recession. Before ... Read More »

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