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New Year: Same Game?


By Penny Barnard-Schaber Here we are entering the New Year of 2015. January is always an exciting time for me because I am able to look forward to the upcoming year while also taking time to reflect on the past year. January holds many hopes and expectations for all of us. We probably all hope for peace and success in ... Read More »

Violence Is Not Protest


By Robert E. Meyer The United States has had a long history with the ugly stains on its collective conscience of racial prejudice and institutional discrimination, particularly against African-Americans. Few of us in the middle class will ever be in a position to understand or empathize with the plight and frustration of inner city youth who belong to racial minorities. ... Read More »

Censored in 2014


BY TONY PALMERI At the start of the digital age, many media critics hoped that the Internet would usher in an era in which it would be almost impossible for news censorship to occur. The hope was rooted in optimism that elite corporate media, if for no other reason than their own survival, would channel their resources towards giving greater ... Read More »

Loving Those Three-Day Weekends


BY ROHN BISHOP Ugh! January 2, the worst day of the year! As a Wisconsinite I have always disliked the long winter grind from January 2 to about mid May. It just feels like spring never really comes to Wisconsin, and it’s cold, dark, and there isn’t a whole lot to do outside. I’m even one who likes the winter ... Read More »

Richard Verhoeven


BY Ron La Point “I started dancing at five,” were the first words that came rushing out. “I had a heart murmur when I was young and the doctor thought dancing lessons would be good therapy.” “I liked dancing from the start but didn’t like to practice. My mother, who was the disciplinarian, made me practice. When I wanted to ... Read More »

The High Cost of College Impacts Us All


BY PEG LAUTENSCHLAGER In 2013, 70 percent of college graduates in Wisconsin ventured into the world of work with college loan debt, ranking our state fourth in the nation for graduates with loan debt. Indeed, about one third of Wisconsinites who hold baccalaureate or advanced degrees—no matter how long ago they finished school—are still paying off college loans. Nationally, college ... Read More »

Just Sayin’


BY Marty in the Morning Since the rip-roaring comedy “The Interview” is now put on hold, and I don’t have to review that, I find myself with time on my hands to kick off the New Year! And what better way than to recap a few things that we closed the year with! First off, shame on you if you ... Read More »

Eating Smart Just Got Easier, with SmartPlate


BY EMILY DIERINGER There’s an exciting new initiative that will make it easy for residents of the greater Fox Valley to make great choices when eating away from home. It’s called SmartPlate! SmartPlate is an initiative that provides local restaurants, caterers, convenience stores and more with nutritionally-sound, smart food options that get a “thumbs up” from local health professionals. You ... Read More »

National Toy Hall of Fame Unveils 2014 Inductees


It’s the month that Santa visits, so let’s take a look at some of the hall of famer’s he and his elves have delivered over the years... It’s mission accomplished for little green army men. The molded plastic must-haves for generations of pretend soldiers were inducted into the National Toy Hall of fame, along with the 1980s stumper Rubik’s Cube, ... Read More »

Privilege – Part 2


BY JANINE WRIGHT Last month we looked at the word, “privilege”. Like many words in our American English language, the word has taken on a meaning of its own. Privilege is the “thing” that often separates us whether it is abilities, gender, income, education, race, sexual orientation, or any other form of separateness. Privilege is the way that power is ... Read More »

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