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Let Republicans Be Real Republicans

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By Robert E. Meyer A dubious editorial pastime these days involves political progressives offering their suggestions about rescuing the Republican Party from extinction. Of course, one might be suspicious about a political opponent offering constructive advice in the first place, but even if it is sincere, it would just be suggestions refracted through a liberal prism. A boilerplate assertion has ... Read More »

What Does Our Government Owe the Unfortunate?

Migrants ride north on top of 'la bestia', heading for the US border.

By ROBERT E. Meyer I participate in a forum where the Appleton Post Crescent asks a group of people to comment on an issue the newspaper chooses on a rotating basis. My group of correspondents was asked what should be done about non-citizen children being shipped over our border as “refugees.” I elected not to respond because the answer could ... Read More »

Voter Identification


By Robert E. Meyer Only a few years ago, I never imagined anyone would be opposed to verifying the identity of voters, or that the issue could be so heavily politicized. I would think that any reasonable person should be interested in upholding and improving the integrity of the voting process. So much for being naive. Typically, the politicization of ... Read More »

Freedom from Religion v. Freedom of Religion


By Robert. E. Meyer In a recent local letter to the editor, Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president of the Madison, Wisconsin based Freedom From Religion Foundation, promotes the tenor of The New Atheist movement, which contends that “religion should not simply be tolerated but should be countered, criticized, and exposed by rational argument wherever its influence arises.” Gaylor had responded to ... Read More »

Christianity and Atheism


By Robert E. Meyer Robert Nordlander (hereafter referred to a Mr. N) is well known locally as an atheist who writes letters to the editor (and has been a contributor to this publication), often making rhetorical arguments impugning Christianity. In a recent response to Mr. N’s letter, a friend of Mr. N’s, whom we will refer to hereafter as Mr. R, made ... Read More »

What Is This New Pope Really Saying?


BY ROBERT E. MEYER A big pre-Christmas news story was that Roman Catholic leader Pope Francis was named TIME Magazine’s “Person of the Year.” That happening requires an interpretation. In my estimation, it is  an ominous sign for cultural trends. While I’m happy that the Pope was selected over entertainers such as Miley Cyrus, the very fact that Cyrus was ... Read More »

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