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Bushwhacked by Humility


It’s the little things that make life such a big deal. -Pat MacDonald BY John Price-Kabhir, The Buddhist Advisor Something highly unexpected happened to me recently: In the midst of trying to “assert myself,” I found my attitude in a shambles, my peace of mind smoldering, and my sense of purpose floating away with the ashes in the wind. While ... Read More »

A Summer of Old Friends


BY John Price-Kabhir; the Buddhist Adviser I’m not seventy yet, but I’m inching my way. As of two years ago, I became the oldest male in six generations on my father’s side. They all died before age fifty-one, owing to bad hearts. I most definitely thought I’d join that group, but here I am. I thought I’d never reach the ... Read More »

I Am Happy Even When Hiding from Myself


BY John Price - Kabhir, the Buddhist Adviser Readers of this column might perceive me as dark and negative. If you feel that way, it’s because my deepest soul-baring thoughts juxtapose the pain of coming to grips with truth while inhabiting this human being. But truly, although deepest truths are elusive and painful to confront, doing so is a courageous ... Read More »

The Horizon of Sentience


By John Price, Kabhir; the Buddhist Adviser Imagine walking across an arid plane. Of course, you see and feel your feet as you take your steps. You can lift your face up to the clouds and feel the breeze against your face. Then you look broadly forward to see the horizon ahead of you. As time passes while you walk, ... Read More »

A Knock at the Door


by John Price - Kabhir, the Buddhist Adviser And who will It be? Will it be a screaming little slimy lump, jerking in uncoordinated manner and beautiful only to the people directly responsible for creating it? People who are just now investing their entire lives in its growth and development? People who immediately look it over carefully for signs of ... Read More »

Dreams, Redux


BY John Price-Kabhir, the Buddhist Adviser (This column follows from last month’s piece about dreams and dreaming.) But dreams have a lightness about them. As a brick or stone carries weight, dreams carry no weight. Although the images in dreams are ethereal, the “things” of dreams do not have weighty substance. We float through our dreams. Even nightmares keep us ... Read More »

Dreams, Dreams To Share My Dreams


BY John Price-Kabhir the Buddhist Adviser [Note: This is Part I of a two-part column on dreams. Part II will appear in a future edition of The Scene.] Waking life had a hardness about it. We can rap our knuckles on the table, feel the cold, feel pain, become exhausted after heavy activity. But dreams are different. Though every bit ... Read More »

Take a Stand; Testify


BY John Price-Kabhir If this column is published, I am certain many readers will think I am a crackpot. That’s the judgment of the public at large when confronting someone who is truly curious and sincere about the notion of extra-terrestrials visiting our planet. I believe we’ve been hosts for sentient beings from places other than Planet Earth, for thousands ... Read More »

Zen Cancer Wisdom: A Book About More Than Dying


By Daju Suzanne Friedman,Wisdom Publications, 2014 By John Price Daju Suzanne Friedman, a Zen priest, Dharma teacher and teacher of Chinese medicine and qigong Master, died after a prolonged experience with cancer, in March 2014. This book is her testimonial. While any well-written book about dying evokes pathos, this book does so much more than that. The book is a ... Read More »

Thirty Minutes with Zinnias on the Front Porch


By John Price Each petal of most flowers contributes to the whole In the simple zinnia The entire flower Folds upon itself Back, back in recedes around the center Petals, Hardly that Or their subdued and simple giving themselves Not in aimless beauty But in underlying giving offering colors My father had a green thumb. Before he died, he taught ... Read More »

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