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Walking Without ‘Treppa-dation’

The Locatelli family filled a picture as well as a room. Joan Locatelli, front and center, had a lot of trials and tribulations awaiting her, before she would come to the realization as an adult that ‘my mission in life must be to provide a voice of hope for those who are forgotten as well as a voice of inspiration for all others to remember.’ Photo courtesy of Joan Treppa.

BY Denis Gullickson What can one person accomplish? A whole lot, if you follow the story of Joan Treppa — a story of determined footsteps that have led to miles of success. Let’s start with the recent “Walk for Truth and Justice” at the Brown County Courthouse on Saturday, October 25. That walk — the fifth annual — was first ... Read More »

Calling-up the spirit of Fred E. Hulbert

Fred Hulbert (third row, far left) can’t be misidentified or unappreciated any longer. He’s the guy who started the first football team and organized the first football game ever seen in Titletown. Every fan at Lambeau Field on Game Day should offer a simple prayer of gratitude in Hulbert’s name.
Photo courtesy of Elton Cleveland.

By Denis Gullickson The timing couldn’t be better. After all, we’ve just passed Halloween and plowed through All Saints and All Souls Days. (The latter suggesting that there’s hope for a few of us to slip into our eternal reward under that catch-all category.) Far less-morbid is the upcoming, first-ever, Green Bay Football History Event set for Saturday, November 8 ... Read More »

Tackling the Brett Favre Saga


by Denis Gullickson First off, can we turn down the heat a little? Seriously. Anyone that revved up one way or the other over Brett Favre, his oddball retirement, ignominious exit from GB — or any subsequent development — is taking themselves and, yes, Favre way, way too seriously. That includes the guy who blogged his recent rant about Favre ... Read More »

The Marx Brothers in Green Bay


By Denis Gullickson A life-long love for the Marx Brothers prompts this column. So, too, does a recent sojourn to the neighborhood where the Brothers grew up in Carnegie Hill on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. It was in a flat at 179 East 93rd Street that Leonard, Adolph, Julius, Milton and Herbert Marx came of age. So, how’s your Marx ... Read More »

Thinking about… City Parks


By Denis Gullickson And who, pray tell, does that? Thinks about city parks? Parks are for play, swinging on a swing so high you’ll touch the sky, and relaxation, chilling with your iPod on a sprawled blanket, and fun. Frisbee on a carefree afternoon. Sure, there might be some thinking ... a lotus position while channeling the chi of the ... Read More »

On family farms and dinosaurs


By Denis Gullickson June is Dairy Month. Speaking as a kid who grew up with that mantra ringing in the air each spring — just as school let out — this far-west-side-Green Bay boy never thought of June as anything but. That splendid first month of summer meant farm-fresh, carefree days that would last forever — blue skies and sunshine ... Read More »

In praise of Jack Vainisi: NFL draft genius


By Denis Gullickson It’s time Packers fans gave Jack Vainisi a great big “Thank You!” “Who the heck is Jack Vainisi?” you ask. “What did he ever do for us?” Well, brace yourself if you haven’t heard of the guy. Fact is that — without Vainisi (pronounced “va-NEE-see”) — there might not be a “Green Bay Packers.” That’s right: Vainisi’s ... Read More »

Downtown Hotels once center of GB Football


By Denis Gullickson The recent announcement that City of Green Bay had entered into a “milestone” deal to refurbish the former Northland Hotel should have caught the eye of every fan of Packer’s history. The Northland’s place in Packers lore recalls the team’s glorious past as well as a time when players and coaches seemed far more accessible to the ... Read More »

Daylight saving time: Something to smile about


By Denis Gullickson Consider this a follow-up to a January column entitled “Ode to a Green Bay Winter — Not!”   Written in mid-December, the goal back then wasn’t to celebrate winter, believe me. It was to delineate some of our area’s historic bouts with the wintry elements. I sure the heck wasn’t urging Mother Nature and Old Man Winter ... Read More »

First “Super Bowl” was big in GB, NFL


No, our Packers weren’t in the “Big Dance” this year. Still, there’s a hint of green and gold to every Super Bowl; “the Pack” won the first two — setting the stage for the rest. That may not do much to salve this year’s disappointment, but it’s a big part of this team’s storied legacy — something fans of most ... Read More »

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