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By Dale Devries SOAR Fundraiser The spirited and vivacious Janet Planet has been self-produced and managed for the majority of her 25-year career. A productive recording artist, performer, teacher, and clinician--her concert schedule takes her to performance halls, universities, jazz festivals, and clubs across the U.S. and internationally. SOAR looks forward to hosting Ms. Planet, along with Tom Theabo, John ... Read More »

Are You Inspired? Its up to you


“The greatest teacher can do no more than walk the way of Truth for himself, and point it out to you; you yourself must walk it for yourself.” - James Allen By Charlie Bentson King Do you wake up in the morning with a pep in your step ready to take on the day or do you dread every moment ... Read More »

Winter Wonderland for Birds


By Janet Wissink I love Saturday mornings in winter. First of all, I don’t have to get up early and face the cold and snow to go to work. But best of all, I can pull up a chair to the patio door and watch the birds at our feeders. And there is usually quite a flurry of activity on ... Read More »

Oshkosh Taverns


By Ron La Point They were the social centers of Oshkosh, the meetings places in the ‘40s and ‘50s. Others might make a case for the churches, but in the eyes of those still grubbing for wages and those of us growing into adulthood, it was the taverns. There were no shortage of taverns in this city of 40,000 – ... Read More »

The Vital New Role of Your Garden


By Carol Niendorf Do you know how vitally important what you plant in your garden is to the health of our environment? To learn how your garden, no matter its size or location, can help preserve other forms of life and the crucial role they play in human sustenance, the Wild Ones Fox Valley Area Chapter invites you to attend ... Read More »

New UWO Service Connects Music Students with Shows


By Kristin Stockheimer You’ve got an event. Maybe even a party. And a DJ won’t do. You’re going with live music – good stuff… artsy stuff. Frankly, any stuff. But “live” and “quality” are key. The musicians at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh have a developed a new service that has just about anybody in the region covered. It’s ultimate ... Read More »

Saving Money While Reducing Your Energy Use


By Justin Mitchell The heat has been on for most Oshkosh homes for a little over one month, with higher winter bills set to arrive within the week. For many in Oshkosh, living in large older homes translates to very high bills this time of the year. Common heating issues with these homes includes inadequate attic insulation, missing exterior wall ... Read More »

Oshkosh All Stars – Part 2 of 2


By Ron La Point …Continued from Nov 2013 Sandy Padive in his book “Basketball’s Hall of Fame,” writes about George Mikan, whom he called the first of the great big men. “In 1946, George Mikan signed with the Chicago Gears of the NBL. The Gears were playing the team from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and the Wisconsin team had a center named ... Read More »

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