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A Day With Eagles Along the Fox River


BY DICK NIKOLAI AND DONNA VANBUECKEN Have you ever seen a bald eagle? If not, here’s an opportunity to get the chance to do so. On January 17th, volunteers for “A Day with Eagles Along the Fox River” invite you to join them at various locations along the Fox River to explore the best eagle viewing spots. Most locations are ... Read More »

White River Marsh Training Camp

Young whooping cranes train to fly behind an ultralight at White River Marsh State Wildlife Area as part of Operation Migration in an effort to re-establish an Eastern migratory flock. Photo courtesy of Janet Wissink.

BY JANET WISSINK Training camp at White River Marsh has been in full swing since the beginning of July. I had the opportunity to sit on the sidelines at the end of July and observe the young team work out, but they weren’t ready to fly yet. FLY? Oh yeah, I’m talking about juvenile whooping cranes (colts) preparing for their ... Read More »

Moving for Monarchs – “Dance n’ Plant”

Gwynedd in Costume

By DONNA VANBUECKEN Have you ever wanted to dance like a butterfly? Well here’s your chance. Producer Gwynedd Vetter-Drusch and her crew are coming to the Fox Valley this summer to film their second segment of Moving for Monarchs (M4M). Using dance to promote social and environmental activism has been highly successful throughout the world. What could be better than ... Read More »

A Swift Performance


By Anita Carpenter   In the fading twilight of an autumn evening, chimney swifts orchestrate a performance worthy of our attention. After a long day of catching high-flying insects, the five-inch, cigar-shaped black birds with the short, stiff aerodynamically swept-back wings congregate around a favorite chimney. Several, fifty or perhaps a few hundred, chimney swifts circle together in preparation for ... Read More »

Home Water Management Using Rain Barrels


BY DONNA VANBUECKEN Have you ever thought about how you might personally help reduce residential water runoff to storm sewers or to recharge our ground water aquifer and improve water quality of streams and lakes?  It is easy and fun to do using rain barrels. There are many benefits from harvesting rain water.  It is relatively clean and chemical free, ... Read More »

Watch Out for Turtles


By Donna Vanbucken Have you ever seen a squashed turtle on the road?  Have you ever wondered why this happens so often?  Why don’t they stay off the highway?  The answer – turtles have a strong tendency to return to their natal site or area where they hatched. Most turtle nesting areas are near streams or lakes where there is ... Read More »

Hondo’s Story


BY JANET WISSINK The long-awaited spring has finally arrived, bringing with it warm sunshine and the cheerful singing of birds. Why do the birds sing so heartily in spring? And why do many of the male birds molt into their more colorful feathers once again? Because it is time to establish nesting territories and attract a female. There is one ... Read More »

Wildlife Signs of Spring


By Tracy Koenig Signs of spring are always welcome here in Wisconsin, especially after a cold winter like this one. Those signs are all around us if we just know where to look. Wildlife signs begin as early as January, and are triggered by minute increases in daily light level. Black capped chickadees are common feeder birds that also thrive ... Read More »

Winter Wonderland for Birds


By Janet Wissink I love Saturday mornings in winter. First of all, I don’t have to get up early and face the cold and snow to go to work. But best of all, I can pull up a chair to the patio door and watch the birds at our feeders. And there is usually quite a flurry of activity on ... Read More »

The Vital New Role of Your Garden


By Carol Niendorf Do you know how vitally important what you plant in your garden is to the health of our environment? To learn how your garden, no matter its size or location, can help preserve other forms of life and the crucial role they play in human sustenance, the Wild Ones Fox Valley Area Chapter invites you to attend ... Read More »

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