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Sturgeon Spectacular Hits the Ice!


BY Michael Casper Only in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin will you find a celebration of a prehistoric fish that involves ice sailing and kiting competitions, fat tire bike racing, fireworks, ice bowling, music, food, and beverages...and a chili crawl! This is actually the 1st Annual Sturgeon Spectacular.  Last year the WISSA 2015, which was World Ice and Snow Sailing Competition ... Read More »

Hot Plants for 2016


BY Rob Zimmer It may be the middle of winter, but for gardeners, this is the most exciting time of year. New garden and seed catalogs are arriving, and the dreams and fantasies of gardeners everywhere begin to take flower. Gardening conferences, along with home and garden trade shows are in full swing, all preparing us for a year of ... Read More »

Bringing the Garden Indoors


BY Rob Zimmer With the outdoor gardening season coming to an end, there are many great ways you can enjoy your gardening hobby indoors all through winter. Here are some great ways to keep your hands in the “dirt” all winter long, even in the comfort of your own home. Growing orchids Orchids feature some of the most outstanding and ... Read More »

Backyard Flock: Part Two


BY Rob Zimmer NOTE: This is part two of a series on keeping backyard chickens. Part one appeared in last month’s issue. With winter fast approaching, there are several considerations to keep in mind when it comes to keeping your backyard flock safe, secure and warm during the cold months of the year. Keeping your backyard chickens during winter is ... Read More »

FLOCKING TOGETHER Raising Chickens in the Backyard


BY Rob Zimmer Part one of a two part series Whether you’re interested in growing your own backyard chickens for eggs, meat, or both, there is no better time than now to get started. Kylea Dowland of Forest Junction began this year after learning more about the topic at NWTC where she is currently enrolled studying sustainable agriculture and horticulture. ... Read More »

Autumn All-Stars


BY Rob Zimmer Add some new life to your yard, garden and landscape this fall by incorporating dramatic color, texture and more for an amazing autumn season. Look beyond the standard fall staples like mums and kale and include a variety of different and unusual plants to add spice to your landscape. Be sure to bring new life to fading ... Read More »

Apartment Gardening

Combine flowering plants and foliage for long-lasting porch and patio plantings.

BY Rob Zimmer Gardening in small spaces, or apartments and patios with no yard space at all, is a challenge for many in our area. Often, I am asked about options for gardening in an apartment or small patio space. Thankfully, there are a number of great opportunities for gardening, indoors and out, in apartments, as well as condos, on ... Read More »

Rain Gardens

Blue Flag Iris

BY Rob Zimmer Conserving the precious water resources of our area is important for many who live, work and play here in northeast Wisconsin. There are things that each and every family, business and individual can do to help. One of the simplest and most effective is to install a rain garden on your property. Maybe you’ve heard the term ... Read More »

Haase Pedals Across America


BY Michael Casper The Race Across America is not for the faint of heart, legs, lungs, or mind. It’s a non-stop bicycle race that begins in Oceanside, California, and this year finishes in Annapolis, Maryland. Approximately 3,000 miles climbing over 120,000 feet of mountains, across vast deserts, in heat, rain, and cold, through 14 states, and all in a span ... Read More »

Bill Casper’s Iconic Packer Shanty


By Michael Mentzer Bill Casper’s sturgeon shanty may trace its origin to the humblest of beginnings but it is destined for historical greatness. Those who wander the vast expanse of Lake Winnebago’s field of ice during the sturgeon-spearing season each February no doubt know of Casper’s distinctive shanty in the shape, design and hue of a Green Bay Packers helmet. ... Read More »

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