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City Hall Takes Its Time With Divestment Proposal


By Miles Maguire Divestment is a word with an ominous ring to it. It sounds so extreme — the idea of grabbing your money and going home, cutting your ties with some other party even if it ends up costing you more than it costs the one you are divesting from. That’s why divestment campaigns most often start out as ... Read More »

2014 Shaping Up As ‘Year of the Riverfront’ in Oshkosh


By Miles Maguire The Oshkosh riverfront, which suffered through decades of environmental abuse followed by a series of halting, mostly piecemeal steps to reclaim it, is on the verge of a major transformation that has the potential to remake the city’s image and economy. “This is our time,” said Grant Schwab, a partner in the newly renamed Morgan District LLC, ... Read More »

City Hall ‘Secrets’ Can Be Found in Weekly Newsletter


By Miles Maguire On Monday, Sept. 30, the Oshkosh Northwestern devoted more than half of its front page to what it must have considered a really big story: the news that the city was considering an annual recycling fee. But it wasn’t much of a scoop—the story had been out on the Internet for a week, thanks to a part-time ... Read More »

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